Swara Bhasker trolled on twitter for not knowing the number of seats in Lok Sabha, and saying that sarees came into her mind first when heard about election campaign

Actress Swara Bhasker, well known for having anti-BJP views took actively part in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. Though it is a different thing that none of the candidates she campaigned for, could manage to register a victory. However now as the elections are over and people are back to a lighter mood, the actress is being trolled on social media for some of the statements she made during and before the election campaigns.

In one video which is going viral on twitter, Bhasker can be heard saying that there are 572 seats in the Lok Sabha, which is grossly incorrect. There are 543 seats in the Lok Sabha for elected members. Apart from this, two other seats are exclusively reserved for members of the Anglo-Indian community who are directly nominated by the Country’s President, making a total of 545 seats in Lok Sabha. However this year, elections were held for only 542 seats, with one seat in Vellore being suspended due to widespread malpractices by the local politicians of the area.

Nevertheless, the number 572, as proposed by Swara Bhasker is far ahead of the actual numbers. The video was shot when Swara had reached out to campaign for Atishi Marlena from East Delhi.

Replying to the video, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri said, “That’s why ‘facts are not facts’ when they come from such people.” Agnihotri is known to be a supporter of the current ruling regime, as opposed to Bhasker who is leaned towards the opposition.

BJP leaning intellectual, Shubrashtha also replied to the thread saying,” However well intentioned the people, a dedicated divorce from basic facts with regards to our polity makes fake education immaterial towards hiding the innate stupidity and bimbette-ness. Swara needs to learn something beyond ‘throw of her voice’ and getting curated cotton saris out.”

Apart from this, another video is going viral on which Swara is seen talking how Sarees, make-up and jewelry were the first things that came into her minds when she learned that she will be campaigning.

The videos have revealed that how many of those who take part in the Lok Sabha election campaigns as star campaigners, are not even aware of the actual number of seats the lower house hosts. These star campaigners basically treat the campaigns as an excuse for a countrywide tour.