Swaraj express and Vinod Dua violates Election Commission guidelines by airing exit poll during the elections

Swaraj express, an online news portals seems to have violated certain guidelines of the Election commission by the digitally airing an exit poll of first three phases of the elections. In 1998, EC had banned exit polls from the time the poll begins till half-an-hour after the polling ends.

The exit poll program that was aired using video streaming service YouTube, was hosted by controversial journalist Vinod Dua. Last year, several serious allegations of molestation and misconduct were levelled against Dua which ultimately led to his ouster from another online mefia portal, The Wire.

As per the guildlines of the election commission, such exit polls during the elections have the potential of influencing the voters. “Such dissemination, particularly on the eve of polls or when the polling process is still in progress, has the potential to influence the electors when they are in the mental process of making up of their minds to vote or not to vote for a certain political party or a candidate.”

It remains to be seen whether Election Commission takes any action against the platform and the anchor who hosted the program. The video however has now been taken down from YouTube.

Meanwhile, pretty interestingly, according to the exit poll conducted by Swaraj express and hosted by Vinod Dua, NDA will only be getting 66 seats after first three phases of the elections while UPA will be somewhere around 137. This is in contradiction to most of the other opinion polls conducted by mainstream media houses.