Syria’s grand mufti says Rohingya Muslims are a ‘security threat’

Syria’s grand mufti has sided with India over the Myanmar Rohingya crisis in a TV interview last week.

In an attempt to justify attempts to deport up to 40,000 Muslim Rohingya refugees, the Indian government told the country’s top court last week that the Rohingya who have fled Myanmar are a serious security threat, linking the Rohingya people to militant groups.

Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, the highest Islamic authority in Syria, claimed in an interview with the Indian World is One News (WION) channel that there was “big propaganda against the government of Myanmar,” stating that the 450,000 refugees from the country are mentioned “at least a hundred times a day” in the media, implying that the plight of the refugees is being exaggerated.

“They have five mosques in Yangon the capital. If the government there is burning the mosques in Rakhine, why are they not burning the mosques in the capital?

“We need to study the problem in Myanmar… is it a religious problem? Or is it a security issue? Religion is being used as a scapegoat for a reason,” he said.