Take treatment in government hospitals, govt will not reimburse treatment taken in private hospitals: Karnataka assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar

-Speaker Ramesh Kumar says all MLAs and family members (former and current) need to take treatment in Government hospitals only

– Bills for taking treatment in Private Hospitals will not be reimbursed by State Government

– This is not applicable in Emergency conditions such as Accidents and Heart Attack

– Move will save crores of rupees to the State Exchequer

In what could be hailed as a landmark administrative decision by the Karnataka Government, Speaker of Karnataka Assembly Ramesh Kumar ruled that all Former and Current MLA’s should go to the Government hospitals for treatment. Ramesh Kumar – a five term member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly also said that the bills for treatment taken in private hospitals by MLA’s will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.
Ramesh Kumar – a former Health Minister under the previous Congress regime passed necessary instructions to the Secretary of Vidhana Sabha Shri S.Murthy to send out a circular in this regard. This move will save crores of rupees to the state exchequer.

The earlier Congress government had announced a new health care and coverage scheme Arogya Karnataka Yojane in the Karnataka budget 2018-19. Under this programme, all the MLA’s including the Chief Minister and those under public service had to take treatment in Government hospitals. However, the exceptions being accidents, heart attack etc. wherein, the complications arise and certification from Government doctors that treatment is not available for such ailment, they could avail treatment in private hospitals.

Legislators who flout the rule and go directly to private hospitals cannot reimburse the expenses as per law says the circular. The earlier scheme was also extended to the family members of the legislator. Now, the family members of the legislator’s will also have to take treatment in government hospitals.
Every year, crores of rupees were being spent for the treatment of legislators, ministers and their families. The bills would run into crores of rupees draining the state exchequer. This move will reduce the bills to a major extent.

The move will not only curtail unnecessary reimbursement expenditure but also pave the way for providing good facilities in Government hospitals.