Talk to AK Completely Fixed, Leaked Video exposes Kejriwal and Sisodia Fixing the show


Kejriwal had his talk show today. He did a lot of publicity about the show. Talk to AK was the name of the program. The program can also be named as ‘lets bash Modi with AK’. The whole show was full of hatred about Modi.

Now, lets talk about the show. The show was completely fixed. Vishal was feeding the questions to Kejriwal and Kejriwal was giving the answers. Vishal was given a set of questions earlier and Kejriwal Practiced the answers earlier.

We have a video which will prove what we have said. In the video you will find another ‘Krantikaari Kaarnaama’ by Arvind Kejriwal. The video exposes Kejriwal the same way a previous video exposed Kejriwal and Punya Prasoon Vajpayee, when they were discussing Aaj Tak interview in order to make it Krantikari.

In this video Kejriwal gives direction to one of his MLA. According to the directions the MLA has to come and sit along with them and go when he was asked to go. And the very next question comes “Why didn’t Kejriwal charector checked his MLAs.”

Here is the full Video

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