Tamil Nadu Bishops Council urges to change the dates of General elections as it coincides with Maundy Thursday

After Aam Aadmi Party and Trinamool Congress, now Tamil Nadu Bishops Council (TNBC) have voiced their objections to the dates of upcoming general elections. The TNBC in a letter has urged to change dates in the state and Puducherry for elections as it coincides with Maundy Thursday. They said ‘it would not be conducive for the people of the Christian community.’

“If polling is on Thursday, 18th April, there are two important disturbances for the Christian people — [Firstly,] Christian teachers cannot attend religious services on that day.

Secondly, since many of the polling stations are in schools and most of these schools are located on church campuses, it would be inconvenient for people to come to church and make arrangements for the religious services,” in the letter it said Dr Antony Pappusamy, president of the organization.

Earlier, the election dates had triggered concerns from political parties since dates coincided with Ramzan, the Muslim festival. The AAP and TMC had insinuated a BJP conspiracy behind it. They had claimed that fasting Muslims were less likely to cast their votes.

However, Muslim leader Asaduddin Owaisi had countered their claims and said that such a controversy was unnecessary.