Tamil Nadu farmer leader, Ayyakannu abused a BJP lady as prostitute and got slapped

Tamil Nadu’s farmer leader Ayyakannu abused a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) woman member as “prostitute” and as a reaction, he was slapped by her.  Ayyakannu is known for leading the Tamil Nadu farmers protest in Delhi last year. He has been glorified by some fringe groups in Tamil Nadu, but that protest set a bad example of how not to protest!!

Ayyakannu and his group of farmers were portrayed as victims by the media as the Modi government was blamed. This is part of an organized false propaganda to defame the Modi government. There were also information from random sources that Ayyakannu’s son was a part of illegal sand mafia. Reports also emerged that some Jihadists and Kashmiri separatists were part of this farmer protest.

Even after a pro-farmer friendly budget, Ayyakannu, who was sponsored by fringe groups were spreading pamphlets criticizing government in Tiruchendur temple.  The BJP lady member from thoothukudi, who was present at the location went to people and cautioned them and exposed Ayyakannu as a fraud. Ayyakannu ,unable to digest of himself getting exposed, started abusing the lady with dirty words and he called herself “prostitute”. As a response to this, she slapped him back and people should realize that no lady would keep calm when she was abused in such manner.

Bias of Media in reporting this event:

Tamil media is hell bent in portraying this incident as an arrogant act of the BJP member on an innocent farmer. The truth is that the BJP member is not arrogant and the farmer is not innocent. They avoided that Ayyakannu had abused her and portrayed this incident as the mistake of BJP woman without mentioning that Ayyakannu abused her as a prostitute. Some of the examples of media reporting are shared below, where there is no mention of Ayyakannu’s abuse.

This is again a part of anti-BJP campaign by Tamil media, who has various links with the fringe groups. It is true that every media house in the country is biased but in Tamil Nadu this partiality has crossed all acceptable limits, it has even proceeded to use extreme and anti-national methodologies at times. Tamil Nadu needs a sensible media house to report issues and to be more nationalistic to counter Breaking-India forces.

There are many other states in India where the farmer distress is much higher compared to Tamil Nadu, they didn’t carry out such indecent protests in Delhi. This shows that there is a bigger motive for these Tamil Nadu farmer protests than the actual farmers distress. Tamil media ventures were also promoting Ayyakannu as a savior and now the media’s bias towards him has completely been exposed.