Tamil Nadu government all set to rename over 3000 places across the state

Following the latest trend of renaming places, Tamil Nadu government is all set to change the names of 3000 locations across the state. These include renaming Triplicane to Thiruvallikeni, Trichy to Tiruchirappalli, Tuticorin to Thoothukudi and Poonamalle to Poovirundhavalli.

The decision to rename the places came after a joint high level committee came up with the new names which were chosen in consultation with historians and Tamil language scholars.

Minister for Tamil Official Language and Tamil Culture Ma Foi K Pandiarajan said that a government order renaming around 3,000 locations will be issued soon. “There will be an order that will be issued soon and after that Triplciane will become Thiruvallikane and Tuticorin will become Thuthukodi. There will be over 3000 names that will be changed… the order will be issued in two weeks.”

Welcoming the move, Narayanan Thirupathy, a BJP spokesperson said, “This is a very good initiative should have happened long back. The names of the villages or the streets should have some meaning. Each and every street or villages should [exemplify] the history of the place. For example there is this place called Thiruvallikeni but in English it has been changed to Triplicane. Similarly, Poonamallee was originally called Pooirundavalli and the new name has no meaning at all. The new generation should understand these names. Though delayed this is a very good initiative.”

However some others believe that there are a few names that have history and legacy of their own and should be preserved.  K Ramakrishnan, the general secretary of Thanthai Periyar Dravidar Kazhagam, said, “There are many places in the state which have been given names as a tribute to a British person… and we urge that those historic names not be removed.”

Though, further Ramakrishnan added that some other places, especially those which are identified with any perticular caste, should be renamed. “There are many places with caste associated in their names like Gounderpallayam, Nayakarpallayam and Pallapallayam, these names should be taken note of by the government and as per the order brought in by MGR [MG Ramachandran] be changed as well.”