Why is Tamil Nadu Government protesting against NEET?

Right from the days of Independence, Tamil Nadu is being known for going in a different track as compared to other states. The way Dravidian Politicians have changed the perceptions of people to seek vote bank, Tamil Nadu leads the way.

Let me start with an example, in 2011 Tamil Nadu assembly passed a unanimous resolution seeking to release three criminal convicts namely Perarivalan, Murugan and Santhan, they were sentenced to death. The late CM J Jayalalithaa called these convicts as Tamilians, and requested Home Minister support to release them on humanitarian grounds. These three are none other than the killers of Rajiv Gandhi, the late PM of India.

Another Incident which could be seen as an inspiration to the above Tamil Nadu Assembly resolution is present here. Jammu Kashmir MLA Engineer Rashid in 2011 tabled a private member bill in assembly, seeking mercy for Afzal Guru. One showed the way another followed, both ended up supporting a Terrorist.

The above subject doesn’t have any link with Tamil Nadu Government’s stand on NEET, but the act of one will inspire the other. This may end in questioning the integrity of the state, West Bengal is also seen trying to claim exemption from NEET.

Mostly these Dravidian parties call Tamil Nadu as a leading developed state in education sector. But in reality, it is a “Karpaga Vriksha”, especially for this Dravidian party politicians and their supporters. Government school and colleges are sick and poor. Infrastructures are yet to be installed, these politicians have grown their wealth by constructing more private schools and colleges.

There is no doubt, Tamil Nadu has the most number of school and colleges. Here numbers doesn’t matter, how far it is equipped in giving standard education? That is the only question which matters.

Five years back TN govt formulated a new policy for up-gradation of school education and named it as “Samacheer Kalvi” but unfortunately DMK and successive AIDMK played a spoil sport on this new system.

The College education system is much more sub-standard than School education system. Both the Engineering and Medical Educational Institutions in India are highly invested by Politicians and big shots who have political link. Private Educational institutes are vested in the hands of this group, this turned the both prestigious Anna University and Madras University into the hub of corruption.

Tamil Nadu has 562 Engineering Colleges, out of that 7 are run by the State Government, 20 are autonomous and rest are private. Yearly these institutions produce 1.5 Lakh engineers and these graduates they produce clearly not on the top in employ-ability criteria.

Critics point out that the quality of education standards is very poor, Colleges are not teaching conceptual and problem-solving skills. Less than 10% computer science graduates were able to write programs for companies, which is seen as one of the main reason for poor employ-ability. Delhi has less than 100 engineering colleges but their quality and standards are high compared to Tamil Nadu. More the number of colleges, results in less quality of education.

Coming to Medical Institutions, getting a medical seat in Tamil Nadu is quite easy if a student can afford to pay donations which might go up to several cores. In simple, MBBS is always commercialized. Private Medical Institutions has crippled the state with the intent of quick profits, by neglecting the standards of medical education which was prescribed by Medical Council of India. Many of these institutions were developed by political clouts termed to be the reason for misuse of their power. This results government in protecting the interests of so called “Educational Mafia” that ruins the entire medical education system. This is not selective to Tamil Nadu, but for the whole country.

To control the fees and to bring standard in Medical Education MCI introduced National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The credit of implementing this goes to those far sighted judges, who gave a strong judgment, despite of opposition from vested financial powers. The Tamil Nadu government made a big flaw and went to support this mafia, by passing an ordinance to reserve 85% of seats to Tamil Nadu state board students and the rest 15% to CBSE students. This is legally void, there were several appeals in the court by the government and finally the High Courts have struck down the order.

Moreover, Supreme court asked the state government to upgrade the Education board to the competent CBSE level, so that TN students do not lag with the other counterparts. There is no doubt that NEET will improve quality of medical students overall, but without changing the TN syllabus, it will put an end to the dream of many students.

As far as NEET is concerned, mistake is with the successive State Governments which failed want to upgrade and act as per the vows of ” Educational Mafia”. For the sake of few in Tamil Nadu, it has been misleading its people. As I said in the beginning, once again Tamil Nadu made a wrong precedence. As Kashmir followed the way of helping terrorist, now West Bengal joined Tamil Nadu’s way to protest against NEET.

No doubt the interest of the subjects are to be well protected. But the State governments are on wrong path, the ball is in the court of Central Government, it should not head to the call of these state governments voicing out for vested mindset. It should read the pulse of her citizens and act. This is what the students are expecting. Hope Central government will illuminate their career.

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