Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit reduced the expenses of Raj Bhavan by 80% after his posting

Tamil Nadu Governor Banwarilal Purohit took charge in the month of October 2016. From the time he has taken over as the Governor of Tamil Nadu, certain political parties. Tamil radical groups and Tamil Media houses have intentionally tried to paint the governor in a negative manner with vested interests. The way the Governor of Tamil Nadu is performing his constitutional duties of interacting with government officials was questioned and criticized.

Tamil Media tried to link him in a criminal case, when a lady professor compelled her students to enter sex racket. Opposition party DMK organized a state wide protest against the Governor visiting the districts for inception, this was stopped only after Raj Bhavan issued a notice saying that those who try to disrupt governor from doing his constitutional duty would have to face seven years of imprisonment.

Both the Tamil Media and political outfits discuss only the non-existing negative dimension of the Tamil Nadu governor, but maintain a stoic silent on the positive side of his functioning. From a post published in Times of India, it is found that after Banwarilal Purohit took charge of the Raj Bhavan in October, the expenses of the Raj Bhavan came down by 80%. The total expenses which was Rs.1.68 crores for the six months of April 2017 to September 2017 came down to just 30.3 Lakhs for the next six months of October 2017 to March 2018. The entire expenses breakup can be seen here:-

Source: Times of India

R Rajagopal, the additional chief secretary to the Tamil Nadu governor told that “We streamlined procurement process, introduced a system of paying for services, besides preferring economic class travel on flights, including for the governor, and strict monitoring of usage of electricity. This has helped reduce the expenditure, without cutting down any ceremonial hospitality expenses”.

The gain was very high in the travel expenses, which was 80.5 Lakhs rupees in the first six months got reduced to just Rs.4.7 Lakhs in the next six months. Food expenses also came down from 41.7 Lakhs rupees in first six months to just 9.2 lakhs rupees in next six months.

The cost of breakfast was increased from Rs.10 to Rs.50 and the cost of lunch and dinner was increased from Rs.10 to Rs.80. R Rajagopal also said that “Everyone, including the governor, pays for meals. Paying for services has become the order of the day in Raj Bhavan and this applies to fuel for private use of office vehicles, both by governor and officials”.