Tamil Nadu: Police arrests gang who used to rape young women and record it to later extort money

Tamil Nadu police has arrested a man named Thirunavukkarasu and his friends namely Sabarirajan, T. Vasanthakumar and N. Sathish, for raping a girl in Tamil Nadu’s Pollachi. The entire matter came to forefront after a video clip of the entire rape sequence surfaced.

It was later revealed that the four men along with an elderly lady run a gang, who used to trap and rape young ladies. Furthermore, the gang used to make video recording of the rapes to later blackmail the victims.

Hundreds of women have suffered in the hands of the gang. According to official reports, police have seized around 40 such videos of rape, made by the gang. However, unconfirmed sources claim that the actual number of videos is somewhere around 1200.

The group used to befriend young women through social network and win their trust. To make things look real, the elderly woman used to pose as the boy’s mother. Once the trust was gained, the men used to rape the victim and record it to later extort money.

All the victims of this gang till date have remained silent. But the latest one mustered some courage and reported against them to the police. To put pressure on the girl to withdraw her complaint, the gang had attacked her brother but he stood firm and those four were later arrested.

Thirunavukkarasu, who was the mastermind of the gang, went absconding and was finally nabbed when he came to his hometown in Makkinampatti. It is said that some cops and politicians are trying to protect the accused.