Tamil Nadu Police take action on Tamil soap actress with links to separatists

During the thoothukudi protest, a Tamil soap actress named Nilani Nila, posted a video in her Facebook page in a police attire. She suggested in the video that she was ashamed to wear the police dress. She also said that people of Tamil Nadu should stop paying taxes to the State Government and called the Police action in thoothukudi as genocide.


SatyaVijayi had exposed the nature of protest that happened in thoothukudi, also discussed about this issue in the detail here.

The video by Nilani Nila, which was viewed nearly two Lakh times, projected a wrong image to the common people. People thought that a lady from police department is blaming the institution and thus it created more hatred among common people on the Tamil Nadu Government and police department. Her Facebook posts exposed the fact that she is related with separatist and anti-social organizations which actively take part in the May 17 movement.


The recent news is that this actress was arrested by the Tamil Nadu police for posting such a video and misguiding common people by creating hatred on police. After the thoothukudi violence, Tamil Nadu government is taking austere actions on the people who triggered and involved in violence.

Kaleel Rahman, Mohammed Younis, Mohammed Ishraf, Velmurugan, Saravanan and Sottaiyan of the Makkal Adhigaram group were arrested by the police and lodged in Palayamkottai central prison. Makkal Adhikaram is a left wing Tamil Outfit which has been part of multiple protests over the Cauvery dispute, TASMAC and Sterlite.

Few weeks back, members belonging to the Naam Tamilar Katchi (Party headed by Sebastian Seeman) were also arrested for being involved in the violence and for vandalizing property and endangering workers in the Sterlite factory headquarters.