Tamil Nationalist leader and Member of Parliament Thol.Thirumavalavan makes offensive remarks about Hindu temples

In a video which is going viral on the Internet, self-styled Tamil nationalist leader and Member of Parliament, Thol.Thirumavalavan can be seen making objectionable remarks regarding Hindu temples.

While making a speech, Thirumavalavan says that “If a structure has a dome It is a Mosque, If it is taller it is a Church, and If it has ugly sculptures, then It is a Hindu temple.” The MP received thunderous applause for this remark of his.

Thol.Thirumavalavan is the Member of Parliament from Tamil Nadu’s Chidambaram Constituency and heads controversial political party Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi.

Thol.Thirumavalavan and his party are known for openly voicing their support for LTTE terrorists, with whom they are believed to have close relations.

The Political party is accused of extra promoting Tamil nationalism and supporting Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam which is banned in India. Although major Tamil political parties DMK and ADMK both are accused for indirectly supporting LTTE, VCK is accused of supporting LTTE leader openly in its party posters.

It is alleged that LTTE involved in the assassination of Former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. VCK Party is demanding release of the Rajiv Gandhi murder accusers along with major Tamil parties like NTK, MDMK, PMK, SMK, AIADMK and DMK. VCK Party also celebrated the birth day of Slain LTTE Leader Prabakaran along with other Tamil parties.

Meanwhile, people on social media hit out at the MP for his remarks about the Hindu temples.

Thol.Thirumavalavan is also the author of a book titled Uproot Hindutva: The Fiery Voice of the Liberation Panthers.