Tarek Fatah Slams An Orthodox Pakistani Women For Calling Hijab “A Way Of Living” On Twitter

Burkha and Hijab is a burning issue in the life of Muslim Women. Some women say that its a way of living, while many others say, that its forced or compulsion. Some comedian clerics like Zakir Naik explain this comparing Muslim women with a Toffee and shamelessly say that Wrapper is required to protect them from flies.

A Pakistani Women named Alishba Sharif. tweeted saying that Wearing the Hijab is “Way of Life”, which could be definitely her point of view but she cannot generalize this with entire Muslim Women community.

She has now deleted her tweet, but she got a strong response from Tarek Fatah supported by many in twitter.

Here are some of the best

As per Tarek Fatah, the custom of wearing hijab and burka is made by the Mullahs and not by the Quran. With Islamists, he meant those followers of Islam who are promoting violence all over the world which is, in actual, against the teachings of Quran.

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