Tarek Fatah Destroys Arguments of Maulana on Jihad on Rohit Sardana Show-Full Video

Tarek fatah takes on Maulana at Rohit Sardana show in Zee news. Tarek says, we all know that Jihad and Violence is taught in Mosques and people are brain washed to believe in idols like Aurangzeb, Mahmud Gazni, who have killed thousands and thousands of Hindus.

To this Maulana objects Tarek and says, Jihad will be taught in Mosques and Aurangzeb and Gazni are hero’s of Muslims. The conflict starts and continues.

Conclusion: if Muslims are reluctant to admit their violent past and history of bloodshed and continue to groom their next generation on Jihad and hate against majority Hindus and still live in India. Does it suit them?

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