Taslima Nasreen MOCKS Hinduism on Twitter; TWEEPLES THRASH her

Taslima Nasreen image 1

Taslima Nasreen is a controversial figure. She gained fame when she started writing a lot about feminism and started writing extremely critically about Islam. This led to her receiving death threats in Bangladesh, her home country. And hence, she has been living in exile since 1994. India, especially Hindus, have supported her a lot during this exile and have given her fame, food and protection from fundamentalist Muslims who would kill her at the first chance.

But, it seems she has now shifted her gun towards Hinduism, without taking the time to truly understand it. She openly calls Hindus superstitious and asks why Hindus do not criticize our irrational faith.

Of course, Twitter did not take lightly to this. Here is how Twitter reacted:






Maybe Taslima should learn something about Hinduism before criticizing it.

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