Team Restores Historic Kalyani Of Ancient Shiva Temple In North Karnataka

A group of volunteers from Kalburgi (North Karnataka) worked with great devotion, commitment, selflessness – even to the extent of sustaining minor injuries while cleaning a historic temple’s Kalyani and their hard work has been rewarded as the Kalyani’s water has been resurfaced.

What is a Kalyani?

Kalyani is the name for Temple Tanks which are wells or reservoirs built as part of the temple complex near ancient Indian temples. They are also called by the names Pushakarini, Kalyani, Kunda, Sarovar, Talab, Tirtha, Pukhuri in different languages.

Kalmeshwara Temple

More than 53 volunteers worked from 8 a.m till 11 p.min the night on two consecutive Sundays to restore the Kalyani in this historic temple. This temple was built by Chalukyas- an Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the 6th and the 12th centuries. The entrance of the temple has 3 shivalingas at the entrance with garbha gudi, with Mallikarjuna, on the right side has Gowrishankara and on the left side is the main deity Kalmeshwara.

The temple has a beautiful Kalyani in front the temple and was in shambles before the team started to clean it. The temple tank was full of immersion idols of Ganesha, broken bangles, rusted nails, discarded injections given to Cows and other garbage.

The team also sustained minor scars, bruises while cleaning the Temple Tank. The committed team never gave up and got the first break, when they saw water gushing out from all four corners. The team led by Dr.Naganath.V.Yadgir a Kalburgi native and an Ayurvedic Doctor created a record of sorts by resurrecting the Kalyani with his 50 odd team members by working relentlessly without any support from the District Administration, ASI or other government officials.

The team also cleaned the vicinity around the temple, which was occupied by thorny bushes. While cleaning the bushes in the vicinity they also cleaned an 11th century Idol of Naga Devate (Serpent Goddess) and peformed jalabhisheka using the water from the same temple tank. (Kalyani).

The team lead by Dr.Naganath.V.Yadgir included Basavareddy Patil, Rohit Parit, Raju Parit, Shivnand Parit, Prabhu, Nagayya Swamy,Ambarish, Basavaraj Rasanugi, Prabhu Patil, Arun Patil, Arun Kumar Dore, Siddarama M.A., Shanthala Patil, Divya Bharati, Sushma Gasti, Veeresh Kallurkar, Harsha Hiremath, Akshay Patil, Kedaraswamy, Sharanu Heerapura, Megharaja, Megaharaja Kumbara, Mallikarjuna Patil, Mallikarjuna Dannur, Bhupathi Manju, Nagesh.K, Nagaraja Allam, Sumanth Desai, Mithun Reddy, SrinathKalkeri, Anil Tambake, Shivaraj, Satish, Ankush Jain, Anaveer Kalburgi, Sachin Halkeri, Madhavan Shastri, Ravindra Shirasgi, Prashanth, Amitabh Tambe, Anantakrishna Vakeela, A.Bheemashankara, Pavan Ingaleshwara, Dhuleraja, Kumar, Mahesh V Patil, Mallangouda Patil, Mounesh, Neeraj Kulkarni, Vinod Nationalist, Raghavendra Kulkarni, Pranav Joshi, Santosh Kinni, Sameer Kulkarni, Shantu Y.B., Harish.Y.B., Shambulinga, Vaijanath, Jagadish Bhalki, Shivaraja Bahare, Sharanu, Anil Kottalli, Siddu Shelagi, Priyadarshi Ashoka, Dr.Sharanendra Paga and Dr.Naganath.V.Yadgir

We at Satyavijayi applaud the team which has worked really hard, sacrificing their Sunday for the betterment of Temples and bring back our lost glory. This cleaning of historic temples inspired and conceived by Girish Bharadwaj – from Bengaluru deserves the highest appreciation. The ASI which needs to maintain such temples need to wake up from its deep slumber and identify such temples and bring back to its earlier glory.