TedX Hansraj College 2018: A Day to Remember

There hasn’t been a day more awaited than September 1,2018, for 35 individuals at least. TEDxHansrajCollege was finally happening! Heavy rains tried to dull the experience but they weren’t able to put out ‘the fire within’. The eight speakers and six performers combined with Schoopwhoop’s Kanishk Priyadarshini had the audience enthralled till the end.

International photographer Vicky Roy was there to start things off with his ‘rags to riches’ story. His path to glory, as many could see, was tough beyond what one could imagine. Then came the animal rights activist and vegan fashion designer- Shruti Rao Rathore. Her personal experiences that made her embrace the vegan way and fight for the rights of animals was something out of the box.

Who doesn’t know Mr. Sushil Kumar. The third speakers determination and patience to keep going despite all odds made everyone realise that whether you succeed or fail, critiques will have something for you, better to keep going till your passion says you to.

Can religion and business have a correlation? Yes they can. Speakers Anshuman Tiwari and Anindya Sengupta gave reasons behind facts one couldn’t have thought of. While the latter spoke about the nation’s fire within, the latter highlighted the need to draft proper questions, forget the answers to be proper without them.

Bollywood sensation Shibani Kashyap’s voice  mesmerised everyone.  The 39 year old’s sing- talk was one of the most sought after talks for the day.

Ms. Kamla Bhasin stole the show with her story. Nothing has deterred her to make a comeback despite the setbacks she faced. She rightfully deserved the only standing ovation from the crowd  that day.
Entering in at no.8 was the showstopper and youth icon Ms. Tina Dabi Khan- the best saved for the last. For her fame didn’t establish her mettle. Rather, it required her to walk on the path of fire every now and then. Life kept throwing challenges, she kept taking them one after another.