Tehseen Poonawala: A Fine Example Of Congress Hypocrisy

Tehseen Poonawalla, born in Pune, is a columnist with several newspapers, magazines. He is a regular on the party circuit and is often featured on Page 3 as well as various fashion magazines.

He is a regular guest on television and news channels articulating his view points on matters of national importance, projecting himself to be a true secular Indian. However his comments on the social media clearly shows a different Tehseen. He neither seems to be an true secular nor a true Indian.  Let’s look at his true face hidden behind the mask.

1. Support of Tehseen Poonawalla to the countries enemies.

On August 25, 2015 Government of India took a out of the box decision to rename one of the Capital’s road by changing it from Aurangzeb road (A person who invaded India and tortured the citizens of India and converted people to Islam forceablly) to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam road (A true Indian who lived and died for his country). Now the reaction to this by Tehseen was that people should see Aurangzeb as a successful ruler and Bla Bla Bla (IMG 1). Even in 2013 he spoke in favour of recognising the PoK Prime Minister.


How can a person  who calls himself an Indian talk in favour of its enemies or the attackers.

2. Tehseen Poonawalla the Sickular

Similar to any Sickular breathing in Indian soil Tehseen Poonawalla also love to speak against the Hindu and their festival and love to lick the feet or other so called minorities. Last year he showed his love for the Islam (IMG 2).


However on August 29, 2015 he tweeted his true character by calling the people to oppose Raksha Bhandhan stating women’s should be only seen as women and not as Mother or Sister (Pervert Minded) , however on the other hand calls Mother Terresa a mother (IMG 3).


We can understand his reason for the recent tweet on Raksha Bhandhan as he became one of the members of that family (IMG 4) which has right from the time of independence has played appeasement politics and spoken against the Hinduism.


So how can we call such a person an Secular Indian? Think before supporting him.