Terrorism has a Religion

Every time any terrorist attack happens in India, the so called secular and human right leaders start giving statement that ” Terrorist have no religion “.

However is it the truth or just a statement made by a few so called peace loving people to appease a few.

First is the case of the terrorist Afzal Guru found guilty in parliament attack, there has been so much uproar against his capital punishment and the day he was hanged we saw the Muslims of J&K on the streets indulging in rioting.

Now even in the recent case of Yakub Memon the so called owners of secularism and human rights started their fight stating that a pardon is not being given as he is a Muslim.


The truth is Yakub was one of the masterminds of 1993 Mumbai blast in which we lost more that 250 Indians. A person who uses bombs to kill his own citizens is a terrorist. If the so called owners, fight a case for Yakub stating that he is a Muslim then doesn’t it states that there is a religion for terrorist.

Apart from this the Muslim community of Mumbai (shameless) attended the funeral of this terrorist in large numbers and some parties like AIMIM even went on to call him a hero of Muslims on social networking site Facebook, the post which they brought down after a public outcry.


Now if so called secular, human right activists and peace loving community fights for a terrorist life and then try to make him a hero then they should also accept a fact that ” Terrorism has Religion  ” and the majority is ” Islam “.