Thank You, Mr. Owaisi, for Discovering The Religion of Terrorism!

Asad Owaisi
Asad Owaisi

From the day I was born in 1982, I have heard of several terrorist attacks and witnessed one, too! It is indeed painful as many lives are lost; their families suffer as their breadwinner is lost. Sometimes, even careers of their sons and daughters get ruined! Apart from loss of life, there is also damage to property. All this is the result of one cowardly act of some fanatics. Most importantly, these terrorists want to induce fear in mind of common people.

Media have mostly reported these incidents with one prominent headline TERROR HAS NO RELIGION! I just googled this one statement & got a whopping 41,00,000 webpages. But the question is, why do media report ALL these terrorist activities with this one statement? I found these media links with religious flavor added to terrorist activities; or, in their words, undertrial, yet to be proved activities.

Congress and NDTV, the best combo who had once tried determining religion and color of terrorism of few under trials.

Then takes a U Turn and again confirms the statement “Terror has No Religion”

Yesterday, I read a news that Yasin Bhatkal, the co-founder of Indian Mujaheddin – an internationally designated terrorist organisation – along with 4 other operatives and a Pakistani were handed death sentences by a Special NIA Court in Hyderabad. They were convicted for the Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts in Hyderabad in February 2013. The blasts had claimed lives of 18 people of different religions.

Bhatkal was also involved in the Pune German Bakery blast case and various other blasts happening across the country; when secular congress (a party with no religion) was ruling the country.

I was happy that albeit delayed, but justice was finally delivered. However, my happiness was shortlived. I found that Hon’ble Member of Parliament Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi had made a great discovery. Yes! Finally, our most secular MP has discovered the religion of terrorism! Here is what he tweeted about his findings:

So, from above tweet, I understand that most secular and honorable MP, Asaduddin Owaisi, has discovered (owned up) the religion of terrorism. He also has done religious classification as well.

Indeed, when our Messiah of Secularism can discover religion of ATM’s Terrorism was indeed a piece of cake for him.

I have written about Sadhvi Pragya and Col. Purohit in the past. The Courts have very clearly stated that they should not be behind bars. However, the investigative agencies are not releasing them due to the malicious Intervention Plea being filed against them by other interested parties.

Mr Owaisi says that their cases must be expedited. However, even Sadhvi Pragya and Col Purohit are demanding the same. There will be only one logical result when it is all said and done. They will walk free.

Yours Secularly

A Communal  Hindu/Saffron Terrorist 

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