The activist hell bent on stopping Akshaya Patra food from Karnataka schools also want Brahmins to be removed from all key posts in the country

Popular activist associated with the Right to Food campaign, Dr Sylvia Karpagam has been up in arm against International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) run Akshaya Patra foundation for sometime now. Karpagam wants Karnataka Government to terminate its contract with the foundation for providing mid-day meals in government schools.

The likes of Karpagam accuse Akshaya Patra of violating the memorandum of understanding between itself and Karnataka Government by not including onion and garlic in the mid-day meals. An allegation which the ISKCON run foundation has rubbished in several occasions.

However not it appears like Karpagam’s strong views against Akshaya Patra are perhaps driven by her deep-rooted abhorrence for the Brahmins and Hindu culture, which is reflected by several of her works. Recently an article titled “Brahmins obstruct India’s development” authored by Karpagam was published on the official website of Round Table India. The article is basically nothing but all out brahmin bashing without an iota of evidence to back a single word. The nature of the article is such that it would put even the anti-Jewish literature produced in Nazi Germany into shame.

The article argues that Brahmins have an unscientific and religious mindset and hence they should be removed from all the key posts in the country. “The presence of Brahmins as key decision makers in India has adversely affected our progress on many fronts. Their deep-rooted social, cultural and religious mindset often persists in spite of contrary scientific, social or humanitarian logic. If India really wants to and needs to progress at a pace that is appropriate and necessary, then brahmins should be actively taken out of certain key spaces.”

She says about Brahmin doctors, “Brahmin doctors mislead patients about nutrition, promoting vegetarianism in spite of all scientific knowledge and medical guidelines pointing to the contrary.” She states further, “The basic belief by the brahmin doctors that only they own and should possess knowledge makes them very reticent to engage in health education where communities are able to take health into their own hands. This abuse of power means that most people are often left confused about what is good for the health of themselves and their family, and are often not given information that reduces the need for doctors in their lives.”

Karpagam also states that Brahmins have created “havoc” in the field of nutrition. She says that Brahmin nutritionists drink cow urine. She states, “They claim that India is predominantly vegetarian and bring out nutrition policies that erase eating habits of the majority of the population and undermine the value that these foods add to the health of the country and indeed the general capacity for work, growth and development.

When beef eaters are being massacred in the country, no brahmin nutritionist has come forward to argue in the strongest possible words about the health benefits of beef and why populations should not be criminalised for eating a healthy source of nutrition. Instead, they drink cow urine and claim to worship the cow.”

Such works make it vividly clear that people like Karpagam are full of bigotry and hatred for communities which make up less than 2% of India’s population and their actions such as protests against the Akshaya Patra are also driven by this only instead of logic or scientific reasons.