The biggest loser of this ‘No Trust Motion’ is the Congress Party

Number do not lie. National democratic alliance[NDA] clearly has an upper hand over opposition in terms of number. Actually the BJP itself can manage to pull it together to over come this cake walk. In a shrewd move, BJP allowed its estranged ally TDP to take initiative to bring no-trust motion again NDA Govt. No trust motion has been accepted today [Wednesday, the 18th of 2018] by Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan.[Ref-1]

Even though number is clearly in favor of NDA then why TDP bring this motion against NDA govt? To label it as giant killer move by TDP falls flat. Surely Chandrababu Naidu has nothing to lose but it is a desperate move to establish himself as an credible face amongst opposition ranks. This move will bring back the cold war between federal front and third front in limelight regardless of success or failure of the motion.

Only loser from this move is Congress, surprisingly Congress did not waste significant time to rally behind this motion. It is not clear – Congress is part of the core group responsible for hatching this plan. Outcome of this motion will be directly conflict of interest of Congress. It is very wise to draw conclusion that Congress is unaware of the consequence. Either Congress gave up the dream of leading third front and so called Maha Gathbandhan or intentionally testing various allies of NDA who could be potential partner like TDP to strengthen third front.

The Modi-Shah duo are smart enough to exploit any move by opposition into opportunity. Their political manoeuvre since 2014 outclassed oppositions almost every occasion except Delhi assembly election. While Modi-Shah duo are in full control of the Government and Party, they are very much confident of the numbers; this the right time to check the strength of reserve bench. Additionally this move will give much needed breathing space to organize it’s resources to prepare ground work for passing pending bills in monsoon session.

Fighting for driving seat amongst opposition ranks will give Modi-Shah duo free hand to project Modi as a strong and decisive leader. Demonetization, crusade against black money and corruption free regime already established Modi as an uncompromising leader. Recent surveys from several channels and media prove the trend of this strategy, where not a single leader has come close to Modi in terms of leading the Government. Only potential challenge could be Nitish Kumar who had been neutralized long time ago. Recent meeting between Amit Shah and Nitish Kumar at Patna made sure there would not be any unexpected crack in near future.

Only credible threat to Modi or Modi Government is united opposition. I do not think Modi-Shah duo will miss any opportunity to break opposition flank. Allowing this no trust motion by TDP is clear cut strategy for dividing the opposition into federal front and third front which is witty political move. Swift and calculative move by Modi-Shah make it impossible for opposition to guess what is coming next. This is where exactly the opposition is lacking-
a proper and swift manoeuvring strategy.


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