Pakistan’s Modus Operandi EXPOSED : An Insightful Article by Major Gaurav Arya


A few days back (October 2016), the Pakistan Parliament (Senate) published a report titled “Policy Guidelines In View Of The Latest Situation Developing Between India And Pakistan”. The report was unanimously accepted. A copy of the original report is attached.

Amongst other things, the report calls for exploiting fault-lines within India. What are these fault lines?

Pakistan will further widen the chasm between Hindus and Muslims and will actively encourage conflict between the two communities. It plans to arm Naxalites and kick-start the Khalistan movement again. It even plans to add fuel to the fire in the Cauvery water dispute and exploit the Dalit issue. The aim is to create mass disruption in India through subversion, deception and deceit.

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies will align with political parties in India and form an anti-Modi alliance. All this and more has been discussed in Pakistan’s Senate. This is the immediate danger India is faced with. It is very easy to spark a riot in India. Or create political unrest. Sometimes, all it takes is a rumour. Pakistan knows this.

And this is why the Shiv Sena must desist from its poisonous demagoguery and hate mongering. You cannot force Nawazuddin Siddiqui out of a Ram Lila. The smaller matter is that it is illegal. The much larger matter is that it plays into Pakistan’s designs. An almost strategically insignificant incident (though totally abhorrent) can assume national security dimensions.

Pakistan will say that if this can happen to Nawazuddin who is a star, imagine what the common Muslim must be going through. That the common Muslim in India is leading a normal life will soon be a side story. The focus will on discrimination. This is war by other means.

Owaisi may be thinking that he is the new messiah of the Muslims. Actually, he is a messiah of the absurd. The poison that he feeds his mostly illiterate followers is leading them to oblivion. He is like a shepherd that kills his own flock, feeding them the poison of insecurity, hate and perceived victimhood.

Coming back to the Pakistani Senate report, we must closely observe what is written and what is not. What is not written is more important.

Pakistan has hundreds of sleeper cells in India. Not just Muslims, but people of other faiths actively help these sleeper cells, too. Some do it for money, others for ideology. Both are an immediate danger.

Pakistan has given up hope of defeating India in a conventional war. Supporting Jihadis is lucrative but has come under intense international scrutiny and the Jihadi infrastructure has started bleeding Pakistan. This report is Pakistan’s last great hope; create fissures inside India, thereby gently pushing India to collapse under its own weight.

Pakistan’s ISI will indirectly align with political parties to cause unrest and also target Modi. The ISI’s plan is to create an umbrella group, which will bring some political parties, severely critical of the ruling BJP, under one roof.

The Senate Report is just a formalization of what the ISI has already been doing for some time.

Let me be explicitly clear. I am not pointing out to any particular party or parties, but once you read the Pakistani Senate report, take your mind back to the past few weeks (whatever has happened in India) and you will have a clear idea of what is going on.

The recently cacophony in India is not organic. Pakistan is activating the fifth column.

Major Gaurav Arya (Veteran)