‘The Hindu Group’ journalist suggests that Kargil war was triggered by BJP government for political dividends

Journalist RK Radhakrishnan on Thursday made out a tweet suggesting that the Kargil war was triggered at a specific time by erstwhile BJP government to gain political dividends. “We crossed. 5 times. 40 under @INCIndia Prime Ministers. In fact, after one, we created a new country. The 5th, Kargil, another desperate act ahead of 1999 polls by the BJP4India, was timed just like this one,” Radhakrishnan said in his reply to a tweet.

Various people confronted the journalist saying that his comments were insulting to the martyrs of Kargil. However he remained firm on his position.

Just by glancing through the Twitter handle of the journalist, it becomes apparently clear that he has some kind of bias against the BJP. RK Radhakrishnan is an editor for the Frontline magazine, a subsidiary of The Hindu publications.

India and Pakistan have been up in arms against each other ever since Indian Airforce carried out strikes on terrorist organisation Jaish-e-mohammed’ training camps in Pakistan’s Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. After the Indian strikes, that were solely aimed at terror facilities and not civilian areas or military bases, Pakistan has made several failed attempt of retaliation.

In each of its attempts, Pakistan tried to target the military facilities in India, which is nothing but clear provocation of war. However all their attempts were foiled by Indian armed forces and one their F16 fighter jets was shot down to ground.

Meanwhile, during the engagement, one fighter jet also crashed on Pakistani side due to technical glitches and the pilot was arrested by Pakistan Army. Throughout Wednesday, Pakistan Army engaged in several below-the-belt antics, such as making videos of the arrested Indian pilot, something which was in clear violation to the Geneva Convention guidelines.

Pakistan establishment also tried to take advantage of the situation to put forward certain conditions before India. However as Indian government took a strong stand by categorically denying to engage in any sort of negotiations with Pakistan and demanded immediate release of its pilot, the Islamic Republic was compelled to bow. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday announed that they would be releasing Indian Airforce Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman on Friday.