The Hindu House divided: Malini Parthasarathy slams the article on Akshaya Patra as ‘one-sided journalism,’ N Ram differs

An internal fight seems to have broken out inside the newsroom of The Hindu, over a recent article blaming the Akshaya Patra foundation of serving bland food to the children as mid-day meal.

A recent article on Hindu titled, “Why are Karnataka’s schoolchildren unhappy with the mid-day meal,” claimed that most students in those schools where Akshaya Patra foundation serves mid-day meal, are not eating enough as they don’t find the food devoid of onions and garlic as “not delicious enough.”

The newspapers faced severe criticism for its article about the ISKCON run foundation which provides free food to millions of poor and undernourished children everyday. But things took surprising turn, when Malini Parthasarathy, who heads the content and editorial strategy at the Hindu, publicly came out to slam the article.

Parthasarathy admitted that the editorial line of attacking the Akshay Patra Foundation for its free meals by the Hindu was “unwarranted” and she ensured that she would take efforts to upgrade the quality of their approach to content.

However, another prominent member of the Kasturi family that controls The Hindu, N Ram did not seem to be sharing same views as Parthasarathy. He instead hailed the article and editorial policy of The Hindu.

Then Malini Parthasarathy once again hit back saying that The Hindu’s article on Akshaya Patra was an example of ‘shoddy, one-sided journalism.

The Akshaya Patra foundation as of late has been embroiled in controversy regarding its mid-day meals which do not contain onions or garlic. Various food activists are demanding the Karnataka Government to terminate its contract with the foundation for providing mid-day meals in government schools.