‘The Hindu’ Journalist Neena Vyas blames Hindutva for the molestation of Assamese tribal dancers in Eid party, gets exposed by twitterati

It appears like some in the left liberal circles of the country have made it into a habit to blame the Hindus and Hindutva for every happening in India, without even bothering to inquire about details of the incident.

Recently, Neena vyas, a prominent member of the Left-liberal-Lutyens ecosystem, tried to blame Hindutva for the molestation of Assamese tribal dancers in Eid party.

In a tweet, the journalist wondered whether the incident was a result of Hindutva culture. “Another terrible episode. One more example of HINDUTVA culture ?Mob tries to force woman dancers to strip at cultural event in Assam,” she wrote on twitter.

Contrary to what Vyas tried to imply, the incident of molestation took place during an Eid party in Assam. As per the FIR, the girls, with the rest of the troupe, were forcibly taken to an area enclosed with tin sheets where nearly 700-800 spectators pulled at their dresses and urged them to dance naked.

“The dancers were not allowed to perform their regular routine and the crowd wanted them to remove their clothes and dance. The organizers also supported the unruly crowd. They were threatening to kill us with daggers if we refused,” said Arup D. Rabha, director of Rainbow Dance Group and an eye witness.

The girls somehow managed to flee and hide inside their parked vehicle, but the crowd chased them and damaged the vehicle. A total of around five men, all from the minority community, were arrested in connection to the incident.

The facts of the matter were pointed out to Vyas by the twitterati, who slammed her for blaming Hindutva without having proper understanding of the said incident.