The Hypocrisy of certain Fact Checkers: Dhruv Rathee vs FMF

The rise of FMF (Four Minute Films) as one of the favorite YouTube channels in India can be attributed to lot of things. They have by far elaborated upon a lot of facets within the nation which is the reason for their elevated number of subscribers. The contents of the channel are largely spoken in Hindi and revolves around the role that how being a critic of government has the magic wand to turn anyone into an enlightened Buddha overnight.

FMF has also shed light on how such critics are supported and crowned by the mainstream intellectual masses, namely the liberal guild of media, authors, historians etc. Such groups of people often view India through the lens of an outsider and have a dystopian outlook towards the future of the nation. Such Indians often look at their fellow countrymen as incompetent when compared with the west. The channel also focuses on how the British Raj has influenced our education which refuses to change over time. One of the many reasons behind such is the education which is pretty much unchanged from the times of the British Raj.

In one of the episodes of FMF titled “India, It’s Time to Wake Up”, the channel condemned Dhruv Rathee, a Germany based Indian Youtuber with more than 700K subscribers, as a “product of our anti-India, Marxist and invader worshipping education”.

Dhruv responded to these clams saying, “FMF is a blind believer in a certain political party” and has been indulging in “this drama”. FMF uploaded their video titled ‘Demolishing Dhruv Rathee – The Serial Exposer’. Within the video, FMF also stressed upon a number of points: How he considers majority of Indians as gullible, speaks ‘intolerance’ at the drop of the hat but blocks random people, how he underestimates the unorganized sector of India (or India UNINC) which contributes 50% of India’s GDP and casually shames the poor class with jokes on tea vendors and vegetable puff sellers, only source of information being Google, calling an organization such as “The Wire” as neutral which peddles lies such as North India does not care about their southern brethren. etc.

The political Krakatoa between netizens finally erupted at the reaction of this video as Dhruv Rathee decided to come up with the idea of ‘Dhruv Rathee Squad’ (DRS), a Facebook group owned by the person himself where like minded people would report and retort any ideologue which they believe, goes against the narrative of what ‘Dhruv Rathee’.

The Administrator of the FMF Youtube channel has now published in Facebook that he has received a threat from Dhruv Rathee’s followers. He said ‘The email contained a video they had made, filled with details obtained and downloaded from my parent’s Facebook profiles, and my personal Quora profile. They unfairly and randomly linked me me to BJP and BJP’s IT CELL. The email threatened me that if I don’t delete the video I made on Dhruv Rathee, they will make the so called “information” public. ‘

Now, the problem here isn’t with either sides having their opinion. It begins when a group believes it is his ideology which must reign supreme over the other by violently shutting down any voice opposing the very ideology. It’s loathsome, and reeks of narcissism galore – all this, while making words like ‘intolerant’ appear at the drop of the hat like an atavism from the times of the emergency in 1975.

Within the group of DRS, one can find people who have a grandiose self-worth with the belief that India need to be educated and ‘they hold the entitlement of teaching everyone’. Apart from that, one could even find lengthy links which led to pro-Modi or pro-BJP post where everyone was requested to report hate speech. Now, if a certain set of people representing an ideology believes certain things must be ‘taught’ to people assuming the person in front is completely gullible, nothing can be farther away from truth. Also, nothing can be as demeaning for the collective IQ of the entire nation.

Amidst all the links crowded within the group (and removed subsequently after), a particular post was also aimed towards taking down the video of FMF as spreading false information or hate speech. Now, FMF has been doing a splendid job raising questions about academic standards in India which is stuffed with atrocity literature. No one is expected to question lest they have their marks deducted.

The foreigners, compared to us on the same level and class, have switched on to computers and projectors from blackboard-only rote learning. To speak against an ideology is justified but to go the distance and completely discredit a person irrespective of the matter of fact is simply paranoid. Over here, quotidian needling of Indian masses would never help, neither will calling the vast majority of people as stooge (read: disciple) to some political echelon. This would only call for a Pavlovian reflex and then they would be called intolerant again, as the cycle would continue.

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