The hypocrisy of Left-Dalit-Muslim alliance is evident from Radhika Veluma incident

Two years ago, the suicide of Rohith Vemula, an alleged “Dalit” scholar and Ambedkarite activist, sparked a huge commotion in the country. Stressing his Dalit identity, Hindu-baiters proclaimed in unison that Vemula was a victim of the Brahminical tyranny. It was almost a feeding frenzy for the vultures which the leftists and the paid media are. Every left-leaning and Anti-Hindu group had its share in the frenzy.

Scores upon scores of propaganda and half-baked lies abound the mainstream media for months thereafter. Vemula’s alleged Dalit identity was parroted ad nauseum. But, an investigation by the Andhra Pradesh government revealed that he is, in fact, an OBC and not a Dalit. All this while he had faked his Dalit identity. And not just that, he had procured a fake Scheduled caste certificate as well, which the government has decided to cancel. While, another inquiry led by Justice Roopanwal found that Vemula’s suicide was “wholly a decision of his own.”

In spite of this, Vemula had already been advertised as some sort of a Dalit messiah who fell prey to tyrannical Brahminism. This lie travelled far and wide fooling millions of gullible people.

However, the leftist Anti-Hindu cabal wasn’t contented with the masochistic fiddling of Vemula’s corpse for political gains. They stooped lower and decided to use Rohith’s mother, Radhika Vemula as a ploy to further their agenda. Various political groups and Dalit rights organisations paraded her from here to there to emotionally manipulate the public. Radhika Vemula herself was tricked into believing that her son was a victim of the ‘Manuvadi/Brahmanvadi’ Hindu society and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, when in fact the investigation reports suggested otherwise. She was seen with a whole lot of controversial figures time and again, parroting their lies verbatim.

Moreover, various political groups came forward offering financial help to the Vemula family. One such group, Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) a political party based in Kerala, approached Radhika Vemula soon after Rohith’s suicide. Mrs. Vemula was promised a sum of Rs 20 lakhs towards building a house for the family.

It was like a dream come true for the Vemula family which lived in a small rented accommodation. However, this dream was far from coming true.

In lieu of this offer, Radhika Vemula was paraded throughout the country in Muslim League’s multiple political gatherings. Within a month of the deal, she was taken to Kerala and exhibited in front of a crowd of almost 40,000 people. Subsequently, she was taken to other places where she was made the centre of attraction. She was heard launching all sorts of diabolical tirades against BJP. The Muslim League successfully used Radhika Vemula as a political tool.

However, even after toiling hard for the party she did not get the reward which she was offered in the deal. Some politicians from the party visited her and took photos with a big white cheque that had Rs 25 lakhs printed in bold letters. But she wasn’t given even a penny. Later she learned that the politicians went to Kerala and falsely claimed that they had given her the money. Finally, after several women’s organisations put pressure on them, they sent two cheques by courier worth Rs 2.5 lakhs each. But one of these checks bounced.

After being fooled for months, Radhika Vemula finally realized that she was used as a political tool by the IUML party. She expressed her misery in an interview.

However, this is not the first time that IUML has been involved in a controversy. In 2014, IUML’s leader, Syed Hyederali Shihab Thangal who runs Mukkam Muslim Orphanage in Kerala was accused of child trafficking. He allegedly “purchased” around 500 children for Rs. 1500 each from Bihar, Bengal, and Jharkhand. His party is an ally of the Congress. He was awarded by Sonia Gandhi for his orphanage during UPA government in 2009. In April this year, members of IUML attacked a BJP office in Kerala’s Vatakara district.

IUML was well aware that it can take the advantage of Radhika Vemula’s grief, and that is exactly what it did. IUML projected itself as a messiah that championed the cause of justice for Rohith, even though no injustice happened in the first place. Investigation reports have clearly stated that Rohith was fully responsible for his suicide and no one is to blame. But IUML misled the public and not just that, they also mocked Rohith’s suicide for their political gains. And, the enthusiastic involvement of so-called Dalit rights groups and leaders in this shameful propaganda shows how their nexus works in a synchronization. Radhika Vemula was also seen with radical Dalitists like Jignesh Mewani a few days prior to the Bhima Koregaon riots.

All these facts prove that the left-leaning liberal gang along with these politicians are indeed vultures who can even feed on a human corpse for their political gains. Perhaps humanity is dead.

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