The Nation must know about the ‘Political Civil War’ going on in Kolkata

What is happening on the streets of Kolkata since last one week can only be described as a “Political Civil War”. Very less and limited information of what is happening is going out to the Nation, hence people outside West Bengal are not aware how frightening the situation currently is. Those common men of Bengal who go out on streets to earn a piece of bread are literally putting their lives on the damn line every single day.

Every citizen of India today must understand that Kolkata is burning, the complete blame for this chaos lies on the West Bengal Government’s administration and cadres of ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC), who are currently behaving like hooligans.

Today in this article we’ll chronologically describe the horrific events that have taken place in Kolkata since last one week and explain how the democracy is being mercilessly crushed by the ruling regime in the cultural capital of India.

On Sunday, 4th March 2018, a group of people allegedly belonging to the TMC forcefully trespassed into a private house of youth Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader of Lake Town area, when a members meeting of the party was going on.

The group of goons that was allegedly headed by Raju Shaw who is reportedly the youth TMC President of the same area, threatened the BJP workers present, and ordered them to stop the meeting immediately. The TMC members have physically assaulted the youth BJP president of Lake Town area, Debottam Das and his senior citizen father.

On Tuesday, 6th March 2018, West Bengal state General Secretary of BJP, Sayantan Basu went to meet Debottam Das and other party members at his house who were injured in the altercation with TMC members. People from press had also arrived to cover the story when suddenly, another occupier of the same building who is known to be TMC leaning, attacked an innocent media personnel on false allegations of capturing images of his portion of the building.

On Wednesday, 7th March 2018, a group of ultra-left activists belonging to an unknown organization, “The Radicals”, attacked a statue of Shayama Prasad Mookherjee at CR Das Park of Kalighat area. The cowardly attack on the statue of a man because of whom West Bengal is still a part of India, was carried out early at 6 AM in the morning.

The group first broken the face of the Shyama Prasad Mookherjee’s statue and then smeared ink on it while telecasting their disgusting actions live on Facebook. When all of this was happening inside a Government run park, the system was sleeping somewhere. However later those activists who were apparently proud of their actions were arrested.

Though the administration was nowhere to be seen when the statue of Shyama Prasad Mookherjee was being attacked, that certainly wasn’t the case when in afternoon BJP took out a protest March about growing crimes against women. In order to foil the rally, police randomly arrested BJP members for no specified reason.

The very next day on Thursday 8th of March, BJP took out a purification march towards the vandalized statue of Shyama Prasad Mookherjee, where they had plans of cleaning the bust using milk and Ganges water. But police again forcefully blocked the march from reaching to its destination at mid-way without any convincing reason.

Few other BJP members and supporters who used a day different route in attempts of reaching to the statue were allegedly met with a battalion of TMC sponsored goons at gates of the park. The goons chased every BJP member in their sight and assaulted them brutally while police decided to stay aside and watch the entire thing.

A BJP member being assaulted by alleged TMC goon

On the same evening, hundreds of ultra-left student activists of Jadavpur University with red flags in hands attacked a small group of Right-wing activists who were protesting the misbehavior with Shyama Prasad Mookherjee’s statue, at 8B bus stand just outside of the campus.

The leftist students of JU burning posters having Hindu holy symbol of OM

Kolkata was once known as the city of free thinkers and free speakers but now that seems to have changed. It seems like the entire system of the state is hell bent on curbing the uprising of right-wing, something many thought would never happen in West Bengal.

The Kolkata police is unnecessarily interrupting and breaking every protest march of BJP in the city by putting innocent BJP workers behind the bars without any crime. The members of TMC and ultra-left organizations are attacking BJP and other right wing activists openly on streets with police being mute spectators. TMC members are even attacking BJP meetings that are taking place in private interiors as if right-wingers are some kind of terrorist or national threat.

All kinds of left-liberals in West Bengal from Naxals to TMC have formed an unofficial alliance to somehow crush the right-wing movement by hook or crook.