The ‘Rape Politics’ of the “Leftist Media” is both disturbing and disgusting

In the past few days, two cases of gang rape and murder have outraged the nation- one of an 8 year old girl in Kathua, Kashmir, and the other of a teenage girl in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. Numerous, journalists have penned down their opinion pieces regarding these unfortunate incidents.

But some of them, after selling their souls to the devil, have left no stone unturned to politicize these incidents. One such journalist is Barkha Dutt, a habitual Hindu baiter. She published an article in the Washington Post, entitled “Hindu ‘nationalists’ defend accused rapists and shame India.” The title itself is enough to give an idea of the amount of hate, this woman harbours against Hindus, nationalists and the nation.

She begins her putrid spiteful propaganda piece with the question, “Dear India: Where are our candlelight marches, our outrage and our mass protests? Why have we been so muted in our response to the reported gang rapes of two girls, an 8-year-old and a teenager?” Perhaps, she doesn’t know, or she has ignored it on purpose, there has been a nation wide outrage. Every Indian has unequivocally condemned the brutality suffered by the two girls at the hands of their culprits.

But on the other hand, most of us don’t know that multiple incidents of equally brutal rapes and murders have taken place in Assam in the past few months. Except for a few odd news stories, there has been a deafening silence regarding these incidents. One might wonder, why so. Once you look at the names of the culprits in these incidents, everything becomes as clear as crystal. Most of them are illegal Bangladeshi Muslim refugees. Until and unless, the culprit is a Hindu, a rape is not deemed worthy of attention by the sold out Indian media.

Last month, in Assam, a minor girl was gang-raped, burned alive and killed by a group of men. The main culprit was a Jakir Hussain, 21. Except for a few news reports, no outrage by the mainstream media was seen.

Again, in the same state, a 40 year old Moulvi, raped and impregnated a 19 year old teenager. This incident was not even once reported by any national daily let alone any outrage regarding it by the media.

On December 14, 2017, exactly two days before the fifth anniversary of Nirbhaya rape case, another equally horrifying incident took place near Kamrup in Assam. A 14 year old girl was gangraped by a group of Muslim men. Nine days later, the poor girl suffered the same fate as Nirbhaya. She passed away in the Guwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH) as a result of sustaining grave injuries. At the time of her, death only one culprit, Jahurul Islam, 21, was caught, the rest managed to flee. A few media stories covered this incident, but nothing much happened.

In her article, Barkha Dutt writes, “We must confront this: The India we thought had changed has not changed at all.” I fully concur with her statement. India has not changed at all. Rather, it won’t be wrong to say that India has become worse. Thanks to Journalists like her, the ordeals of rape victims have been reduced to sensational news headlines. And, the ordeals which don’t suit the leftist agendas die with the victims.

Numerous horrifying incidents of rape took place in the past few months, but only a couple of them have been highlighted by the mainstream media and given a communal spin. This begs the question, that is this selective sympathy being shown by the leftists towards the victims of these two specific incidents even genuine or just a knee jerk reaction resulted from emotional manipulation by the media and anti-Hindu bias?

Barkha Dutt further states, “The silence of the top women ministers in the Modi cabinet on both the Kathua and the Unnao cases has been disturbing, and only undermines their track record as trailblazers.”

Equally disturbing is the silence of major media houses and journalists like Barkha Dutt herself, regarding the frequent incidents of rape and murder in Assam. It is a crying shame that about the time of the fifth anniversary of Nirbhaya rape case, a similar incident took place in Assam. To add to the tragedy, the victim suffered the same fate as Nirbhaya. But, all the shameless journalists, who are now virtue signalling over the Kathua rape case, had zipped their lips regarding the ordeal of the Nirbhaya of Assam, just because she was a Hindu and her perpetrator was a Muslim.

The leftist agenda is clear: Whenever the perpetrator is a Hindu, defame Hindus with all the might. But on the other hand, suppress any reports of any wrongs done by the “poor” minority community. A wrong done by one lone Hindu reflects upon the whole community but the same doesn’t hold true for others. Hinduism and Hindus must be ashamed and apologize for the wrongs of a few- the classical tactics of guilt by association.

Moreover, new lies are cooked and any evidence which goes against the leftist narrative is suppressed. For instance, in the Unnao rape case, an army personnel has claimed that his son was falsely accused of rape by the family of the same girl who has now accused the BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar of rape. He said that the case against the MLA is just as false. No major news agency has reported this so far. All in all, this case is full of uncertainties and, the job of investigation and justice must be left to the authorities. But regardless of all these uncertainties, the media has not refrained from slinging mud against the BJP government.

Similarly, there is more to the Kathua rape case, than meets the eye. Almost every major media outlet in India, and a few abroad, reported that Asifa, the minor girl, was raped in a temple. But, B S Salathia, president, Jammu and Kashmir high court bar association, told, that the incident did not take place in the temple. He alleged that police picked up two boys from Meerut and tortured them to give false statements.

Moreover, this incident happened way back in January. It took media three months to discover the incident and it has been badly polarized now.

Almost every major media outlet is putting the blame on Hindus. Ironically the very same media never ceases to declare that “terror has no religion” or “Islam is a religion of peace” whenever a Jihadi blows himself up or stabs innocent people on the streets.

When called out for their hypocrisy, they play the victim card. This is perfectly illustrated in the last paragraph of Barkha Dutt’s article published in The Washington post, where she writes, “How “anti-national,” I will be told on social media by people missing the irony.”
Nice sob story. Even though, she herself is the one who assaulted the Hindus, nationalists and the nation in her article, she is still somehow the victim because she will be called “anti-national.”

In same paragraph she showcases the typical anti-Hindu bigotry harboured by every rabid leftist, “These Hindu “nationalists” who spoke for accused rapists have shamed India, our constitution and, of course, Hinduism.”

As mentioned earlier, this statement is an example of “guilt by association,” that is, a wrong done by one Hindu reflects upon the whole community, and every Hindu must be ashamed for that. On the other hand, this guilt by association doesn’t apply to “minority” communities.

In another article written by Barkha Dutt, titled “If I were Muslim” published by she states, “If I were Muslim, how much helpless rage might I feel about radical Islamists and terrorists who soil the name of my faith and then leave me to carry the cross of condemning them, like I am somehow responsible for their monstrous acts?”

Apparently, the wrongdoings of a few Hindus bring shame upon the entire Hindu community, but on the other hand, the wrongdoings of thousands of radical Islamists don’t reflect upon Islam and the Muslim community. Unironically, Barkha Dutt is a personification of hypocrisy, which she proves time and again.

Furthermore, there is not an iota of truth in Barkha Dutt’s allegation that “Hindu Nationalists” were defending the rapists. Either she has failed to do her homework before writing the article, or she has chosen to ignore evidence on purpose. The latter seems more likely. According to BS Salathia, president of the Bar Council, Jammu and Kashmir, people were protesting against the arrest of innocent men in the rape case.

While, as per Vijay Sharma, the Hindu Ekta Manch’s president, the rapists were never supported by them and a fair investigation needed to be carried out restore the people’s faith in the administration. He alleged that the crime branch was only interested to hear one viewpoint and was also implicating youths in false cases. But the anti-Hindu media has tarnished the image of the Hindu Ekta Manch beyond repair by falsely branding them as rape apologists.

Furthermore, 15 Hindu families of the village where the girl was raped, decided to flee their homes in February, over allegations that the Jammu and Kashmir police’s crime department was harassing and torturing their children. The women of the remaining Hindu families started a hunger strike in demand of a “fair” CBI inquiry in the rape case. Note that, contrary to the lie being peddled by the sold out media, these people are in no way defending the rapists.

All they want is a fair investigation by the CBI so that innocent men don’t have to suffer. At-least one male member of every family was in the custody of police. The women of the village fear for the safety of their men. The plight of these people has not been heard so far, and the leftist media has turned a blind eye towards them.

Unfortunately, Barkha Dutt isn’t the only Hindu baiter out there peddling lies. There are many. Almost, all of the major media outlets in India are owned by leftists and sympathizers of radical islam, who leave no opportunity to defame Hindus. Until and unless we reclaim the media and purge out the biased fiction writers masquerading as journos of the likes of Barkha Dutt, mockery of rape victims and vilification of Hindus isn’t going to end anytime soon.