The teacher of 25 schools, Anamika Shukla appears before education officer in UP’s Gonda, alleges her certificates were misused

A woman named Anamika Shukla on Tuesday appeared before Gonda basic education officer and alleged that her educational certificates were “misused” to take up jobs at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Schools.

This came after an FIR was lodged against a teacher, Anamika Shukla, who had allegedly withdrawn over Rs 1 crore in salary for over a year from 25 different schools. Shukla was allegedly working as a teacher in 25 schools for 13 months and was withdrawing salary from all of these.

Gonda basic education officer Indrajeet Prajapati said that Anamika Shukla appeared before me with all her educational certificates and it is clear now she did not take up any of those jobs.
“Anamika Shukla appeared before me with all her educational certificates. It has been cleared that Shukla is a resident of Gonda. Those were doing jobs under her name are fake. Her certificates were misused and she was not aware of any such thing,” Prajapati told ANI.

Shukla claimed she was unaware of the entire incident and she only got to know about it through the media.

“I got to know through media that many people are working under my name. I am the real Anamika Shukla. I appeared before basic education officer with all my documents,” she said.

Anamika’s husband Durgesh Shukla said that her wife is unemployed. He also said that an FIR has been registered by police in Gonda based on her complaint.

“My wife applied in Kasturba Gandhi school but she was never employed. Her counselling was not done. Her educational certificates were misused. We have registered an FIR, a copy of which has been given to basic education officer. She is unemployed right now,” he said.
Earlier, Uttar Pradesh Education Minister Satish Dwivedi said that an investigation has been initiated into the matter.

“We got information through media that a teacher has been posted at 25 places. It has been found that there have been postings at Baghpat, Aligarh, Amethi, Saharanpur, and Ambedkar Nagar using records of Anamika Shukla. An investigation is underway,” he said.