The woman who accused CJI of molestation, seeks copy of the inquiry report which found her allegations to be “without substance”

The former Supreme Court woman staffer who made allegations of molestation against Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has now sought a copy of the top level secret inquiry report which which found her complaint to be “without substance.”

Her letter to the panel of Justices SA Bobde, Indu Malhotra and Indira Banerjee, released to the media by her lawyers, iterated her grievance against the procedure adopted by the in-house panel and said, “If a copy of the report is being given to the CJI directly or indirectly, I am entitled to a copy thereof in any case. Not providing a copy to the complainant while holding her complaint to be unfounded would be a violation of the principles of natural justice and a complete travesty of justice.”

The SC secretary general had issued a statement on Monday saying the in-house panel “found no substance in the allegations contained in the April 19 complaint of a former SC employee”. He also said the report would not be made public as the SC in the Indira Jaising case judgment in 2003 had barred inhouse inquiry reports from being made public.

However, Indira Jaising said the 2003 judgment was a pre-RTI era one and, hence, could not be said to be laying down the correct law. Echoing Jaising’s view, the woman complainant said if the judges’ assets could be accessed by people under the RTI Act, the report of the in-house inquiry panel, too, should be available in public domain under the transparency law.

(With inputs from TOI)