The woman who first discovered the mutilated body of Aligarh victim, is now allegedly being threatened by some Muslim locals of the area

A recent ground report conducted by Swarajya Journalist, Swati Goel Sharma has revealed that the woman who first found the dead body of two year old Aligarh victim from a garbage pile, is now being threatened by some from the Muslim community.

As part of the ground report, Sharma interacted with various locals of the area including a woman who works as a sweeper. The woman claimed that she was the first to discover the dead body of two year old Twinkle Sharma from the garbage pile.

The woman further added that ever since, several people are trying to frame false allegations against her. Some alleged that she was the one to dump the dead body. A few according to her went on to the extent of guessing the amount she allegedly took for the work, some said 10,000, while others said 50,000.

She also added that she is living in fear after the incident, as they are putting pressure on her. They have said that she would not be allowed to work in the locality, the women told the journalist.

Talking to the journalist, the locals also expressed disbelief in the theory that the crime was carried out only for disputes for a loan of mere 10,000 rupees. They claimed that monetary transaction was not a reason for the crime.