AAP’s Dirty Caste Politics: The Patidar Movement

Patidar movement image 1
Hardik in the "traditional" AAP attire


Over the past few days, the Patidar community of Gujarat has been raising their voice demanding reservation. It is quite a well known fact that the Patidars are quite a well-to-do community. Yet, they continue to protest demanding reservation. Looking at this, an obvious question rises, “Do the people leading the Patidars have some ulterior motive? Do they have some vested interest?”


Upon a little investigation, Satyameva Jayate was able to ascertain an obvious answer to this question. Several facts, suggest involvement of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), in unnecessarily creating commotion, trying to destabilize the peaceful situation in Gujarat, and create chaos.

Before going on the direct involvement of Aam Aadmi Party in this case. Let us first see why we are referring to this movement as “creating chaos”, rather than as “genuine demand”.

The Economic Times quoted as follows:
“The numerically and economically strong Patel community of Gujarat converged here in large numbers to take part in the rally, which brought the city to a grinding halt.”

The Patidar rally saw the presence of several luxury cars
The Patidar rally saw the presence of several luxury cars

Please do note the word “economically strong”. Do you really think someone who is financially strong deserves reservation?

Now let us come to the next part. Let us see who is the man leading this unfair movement.
The person leading the movement demanding reservation for the Patidars is one Mr. Hardik Patel Patidar. So, who is this Hardik? Is he really neutral? Is he protesting without any ulterior motive? Does he have any vested interest? We will answer all these questions for you.

Hardik Patel Patidar is an Aam Aadmi Party worker. In the below images, we show you what Hardik’s motives were.

Hardik in the "traditional" AAP attire
Hardik in the “traditional” AAP attire
Hardik with Arvind Kejriwal
Hardik with Arvind Kejriwal
The Patidar rally inspired by the AAP style: supporters wear "Mai Hoon Patidar" cap, just like the "Mai Hoon Aam Aadmi" cap which the AAP supporters wear
The Patidar rally inspired by the AAP style: supporters wear “Mai Hoon Patidar” cap, just like the “Mai Hoon Aam Aadmi” cap which the AAP supporters wear

Now let us get you some quotes, right from the mouth of the devil:




And finally, a quote from 10:54 AM yesterday (25-8-2015):

Hardik's quote from 10:54 AM on 25/8/2015
Hardik’s quote from 10:54 AM on 25/8/2015

From the above images it is clear as to how Mr. Patidar is an AAP supporter. Several sources has also told us the Mr. Patidar is not only a AAP supporter, but also one of the founding members of Gujarat AAP unit. He has vowed to bring AAP to power.

The Patidar community reaction to Hardik’s ulterior motives:
As the rally continued, Hardik continued to shower praises upon Kejriwal, AAP, and even went to the level of praising Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Upon hearing such foolish remarks of Hardik, the Patidars started leaving in large numbers. At one point, there were only 1500 Patidar community members left in the rally. The community members expressed their sadness towards such action of Hardik. Only a few NSUI members, and a few congress workers were left behind, most of whom neither beonged to the Patidar community, nor to Gujarat. Even their own community members abandoned the movement.

Last night, at around 10:00 PM, several Patidar groups withdrew support from this movement, Hardik was arrested, and Hardik’s right hand Vishal Vasoya announced that he would no longer support Hardik.

Friends, we would like to leave yuo with one last thought. AAP, it’s supporters, Kejriwal, Ashutosh, Kumar Vishwas, etc. have been known to spread a lot of lies themselves. Spreading lies is in the blood of AAP. Moreover, AAP is not new to caste politics. Remember how Mr. Kejriwal tried to woo Baniya voters by saying that he is a Baniya himself and they should vote for them? Please beware of such people who are hellbent on breaking the nation.

United we stand, divided we fall! Kejriwal is trying to ensure we fall. Please remain united for the nation.

Vande Mataram!