‘ThePrint’ yet again Caught spreading fake News against Indian Army

Shekhar Gupta and Burkha Dutt had together launched a digital and events venture called The Print.

The venture has received a quite good amount of response till now.

Recently, ThePrint published an article on July, 25 with an headline Army fears US could leak data to Pakistan if India-US sign military secrecy pact.

The article stated that, “The Indian Army has objected to a military secrecy pact with the United States ahead of the maiden ‘2+2’ dialogue involving the defence and foreign ministers of the two countries in Delhi this September.”

It also quoted an official source of Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA), “We risk compromising our encrypted (coded) communication and a leak of information to Pakistan.”

To its response, the Indian Army has slammed such news and rejected the claims of ThePrint. From the official Twitter Handle of Indian Army, it tweeted, Reference to Indian Army is factually incorrect, Indian Army hasn’t written note as mentioned in the article ‘Army fears US could leak data to Pakistan if India-US sign military secrecy pact’

It’s not the first time ThePrint has been exposed, sometimes ThePrint exposes itself. They talk about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and mention him as an ‘Indian Muslim’ achieving great success, but suddenly have opinion articles about Muslims being insecure and being dominated.

Obviously such articles get free promotions from so called Liberal Political leaders.

As The Indian Army has exposed the false claims of ThePrint, its time for Shekhar Gupta and ThePrint to apologies and remove the article.