Theresa May’s Britain rejects asylum application of Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi who is being hunted by extremists

Several reports floating around International media suggests that British Prime Minister, Theresa May has personally denied Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi’s application for asylum in UK. Bibi, is regularly facing death threats in Pakistan for allegedly mocking Prophet Muhammad.

The Pakistani Supreme Court has however dropped all the charges of blasphemy against her. Reportedly, Theresa May, rejected the asylum application on the ground that it would stoke tensions among British Muslims. Since her acquittal by Supreme Court, demonstrations by hardline Islamists have taken place, demanding her execution.

Bibi is facing constant death threats and is being hunted across Pakistan by lynch mobs, unable to be reunited with her five children as she is forced to move from safe house to safe house.

Asia Bibi’s ordeal began when Muslim fieldworkers objected to her drinking from the same water supply as them, branding her “unclean” and telling her she should convert to Islam, which she declined to do.

Days later, village imam Qari Muhammad Salaam declared she had committed blasphemy over the mosque loudspeakers. A baying mob dragged her before a makeshift sharia court with a leather noose around her neck, again demanded that she convert, and beat her with sticks and sandals when she refused.

The mob then handed her over to the authorities, who laid formal charges against her in a town court which handed down a sentence of death after a 30-minute hearing. Eight years later, the Supreme Court overturned her conviction and acquitted her of all charges, triggering violent protests across Pakistan.