These girls feared their neighbours more than the flood

Health authorities prepared defences against the spread of disease in flood-hit Kerala on Monday as water receded and a huge clean-up gathered pace after the worst floods in a century killed more than 350 people.

According to Eenaduindia, four girls from Sree Ayyappa College Women’s Hostel in Chengannur narrated the tales of torment and torture they underwent in the past four days. Delineating their trauma, the girls mentioned how their neighbours turned hostile and refused mercy for them. According to the girls, the 624 people from the camp (that was their college and 10 ft away from their place) developed a sense of aversion for them and passed on wrong information of the girls being safe to the authorities.

People at the relief camp were giving out false information that the girls in the women’s hostel are safe. A day later it became worse, a few men at the camp began flashing at them, and they started making vulgar requests.

According to Eenaduindia, the girls further alleged that just shortly before their rescue, few women from their locality barged into their hostel, held them by their neck and assaulted them. With the scarcity of food, unavailability of water and blocked septic tank adding to their misery, the girls chose to shout and flash colourful towels and clothes for their rescue to the chopper deployed on the rescue mission. As the team assured of their presence and left to be back in an hour, the girls were attacked because of the priority they were getting. According to the girls, the localities were probably infuriated with the girls getting rescued before them.

As Kerala has been facing the worst flooding in a century, the entire country has come forward to help the southern state in this hour of need. So far, 357 people have lost their lives due to flooding in the state. The deluge has so far caused a loss of Rs 19,512 crore to the state.

Image Credit: The News Minute