They don’t give me chicken!! Abu Salem complains to Portuguese officials

A deputy head of mission from Portugal Embassy based in Delhi met Abu Salem in Taloja prison on Tuesday to learn about the alleged violations of his extradition order and allegations of his human rights violation.

Salem, dressed in the coarse cotton white convict’s uniform, complained of lack of light and ventilation in his jail cell, and that he has been kept “in isolation” in an ‘andha cell’.

  1. Abu Salem Sent to Jail for 7 Years by Court in Extortion Case on june-7.
  2. Salem had demanded Rs 5 crore as protection money from Delhi businessman Ashok Gupta.
  3. Officials from the Embassy of Portugal met gangster Abu Salem at Taloja Central Jail on Tuesday.
  4. Taloja Jail authorities have forced him to become vegetarian, said Salem.
  5. Salem is convicted life in Mumbai’s 93 blast case and life term for builder Pradeep Jain murder case.

Salem, extradited in 2005 from Portugal, was convicted last year for conspiracy in causing the March 12, 1993 serial RDX blasts in Mumbai that killed 257 and injured 713 others. He was given a life sentence by a special Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (prevention) Act (Tada) court last May. In 2015, he was convicted by the Tada court for murder of a Mumbai builder in 1995. More recently, Salem was sentenced to seven years by a Delhi court in an extortion case.

Salem told the officials that he is not given proper food and it is very unhygienic. The jail officials told that everyone is given same food and tested good quality. There are over thousands of prisoners and all are given the same food of the same quality.

He said that I am not given non-veg food. Here the jail officials told that in whole Maharashtra prision, non-veg food is not allowed nor served. Only during festivals like Eid, Christmas, Diwali etc, prisoners on their own expenses can order non-veg food from outside.

Salem now told the officials that he is kept in the solitary confinement alone where there is not proper air and not good living conditions. To which jail officials told that he is kept in the solitary confinement with other prisoners that are over 40 prisoners.

The most important allegation made by Salem was that he is not taken to private hospital for a medical check-up by jail officials. The jail officials brought their whole record book, which showed them that Salem is taken to private hospital for over hundred times for some of the other reasons.

All allegations of Abu salem proven wrong in front of Portuguese officials.