They used to be welcomed with a black label bottle: Journalist Ashok Srivastava reveals the secret of why Lutyens journalists are against Modi

It is no secret that elite journalists of the country have remained very close to the power corridors in Delhi for very long. These elite journos, in the name of journalism have for long enjoyed all sorts of favours from those in power. However this intriguing politician-journalist relation has never been a subject of public debate.

In an interesting video which is making rounds of the Internet, senior journalist Ashok Srivastava is seen explaining what kind of favours were poured on these journalists during the previous governments, especially during the foreign trips of the Prime Ministers and how it has stopped during the current regime of Prime Minster Narendra Modi.

Srivastava says that atleast 150 would travel with the Prime Minister’s delegation during previous regimes, all of whom used to be served with finest of food, alcohol and other luxuries. He said that all the journalist used to be wined and dined well during the flight and then welcomed with a black label bottle at hotel. He said that he remembers how many from his freteirnity would try to bring as many bottles home as possible from the official tour.

He then compares that with the current scenario under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where private journalists are having to bear their own expenses. He also said that Prime Minister Modi doesn’t provide adequate time during his tours to move around the cities, as his schedules are generally very tight with multiple programs in a single day.

According to Srivastava, these are some of the reasons for why a large section of the media always seem to have a negative approach towards Prime Minister Modi.