They wanted to forcibly extract a confession from me in order to implicate senior RSS leaders: Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, one of the accused in Malegaon blasts, recently appeared in Rajat Sharma’s famous Interview show, Aap ki Aadalat, where she made several shocking allegations regarding the treatment she received from officials in prison. Thakur is out on bail since last year.

Sadhvi Pragya alleged that male officials used to beat her using belts for days and nights. She further alleged that she was forced to hear objectionable CDs. She claimed that they wanted to forcibly extract a confession from her, naming top brass leadership of the RSS.

“I was brutally beaten by male officers with a broad expeller belt, day and night for 24 days in custody. My arms and legs were swollen, which were then immersed in salty warm water, and the beatings resumed,” she said.

“In custody, the officers used to hurl filthy abuses at me and forced me to hear objectionable  CDs. They wanted to forcibly extract a confession from me in order to implicate senior RSS leaders,” Sadhvi Pragya said. The Sadhvi also mentioned that she was tortured through sleep deprivation as well which caused her to experience immense psychological trauma as a consequence.

Speaking of politics, Sadhvi Pragya Thakur said that she is not averse to the idea of joining politics if it is in national interest. “If the nation wants, and if the nation gives me a call, I will surely join politics,” she told Rajat Sharma.

During the interview, she called Prime Minister Narendra Modi a patriot and Congress President, Rahul Gandhi a child. “Rahul Gandhi is a ‘bachha’(child). He is not the right person to lead the nation. There is no restraint in his statements. There is no mention of the nation’s welfare in his statements. Abroad, he gives statements which bring a bad name to our country. On the other hand, wherever Modi Ji has gone, he has enhanced India’s prestige.”

The interview has caused major uproars in the political circles. For long, Right wing organizations and political parties have accused the Congress of falsely framing Sadhvi Pragya and other Hindus in the Malegaon blast case during their regime to prove the theory of Hindu terrorism.