Things for which Indian liberals would rather stand for…

Few days back in an order the Supreme Court said that standing up for the National anthem before movies in a theater is not compulsory but optional. This order gave the so called pseudo-secular liberals of the country a much needed boost of energy, and they have came back with their old argument that standing up for the national anthem (which is just 52 seconds in duration) is a matter of choice and one can’t be forced to stand up for it.

But there are instances when those having problems with standing up for the National anthem actually stood up or still stand up for hours for some other things which According to them might be more important than the National anthem of the country.

Here is a list of those things :-

1) Starbucks coffee

Starbucks is an American chain of cafés. And like any other famous American food and beverage chain, Starbucks also has their outlets in India. Outside of any such Starbucks outlet in India you’ll notice a huge queue of people waiting to get inside and grab a cup of extremely costly coffee. Maybe for some standing in a queue for a cup of coffee is worth more than standing for 52 seconds to pay respect to the National anthem.

2) Justin Bieber Concert

Earlier this year in early May, American singer Justin Bieber came to India for a concert at Mumbai. Back then thousands of people waited for hours to get passes of the concert and even inside the stadium people were on their feet during the entire duration of the concert. The fanboys of Bieber included some of the most prominent faces of Bollywood. Maybe standing up in a queue to get the tickets and then again standing up for the duration of an entire concert just to see Justin Bieber lip sync is worth more than wasting 52 precious seconds of your life to pay respect for the National anthem.

3) To see celebrities

In our country if there is one thing that unite all the people then that is their lust to witness celebrities. Huge crowds in-front of the houses of megastars like Shahrukh Khan or Amitabh Bachchan on Sundays is a common sight, similar craziness can be observed in South as-well for starts like Rajinikanth. But all the records broke when the entire system of Kochi collapsed for the crowd of thousands waiting to catch a glimpse of Sunny Leone. In this country people can wait for hours to catch glimpse of a celebrity but standing up for 52 seconds for National anthem is very difficult.

4) Apple Phone launch

Even though the Americans never miss an opportunity to remind us that how poor of a country we are but, when they launch one of costliest phones in the world called I-phone the same poor Indians stand in long queues to get their hands on it. There is a joke in India that in order to buy an I-phone you need to sell your kidney but after seeing long queues outside Apple shops after their latest launches I wonder how many of them have sold their kidneys. It seems like a lot of people in our country are poor but even more number of people are intellectually bankrupt. Nevertheless the moral of the story is an I-phone is indeed worth more than the National anthem.

5) Movie Tickets

Movie is something for which the people of this country can even die. A lot of people have this passion of watching first day first shows of latest premiers. The power of cinema was at display when thousands of people were seen standing in queues for Bahubali Tickets which were longer than those outside of ATM’s during demonetisation. For Bahubali tickets people were ready to spend an entire day and extra money because they all wanted the answer of one question, Why did Kattapa Killed Bahubali? As if the answer had the solution for all the problems in entire universe. Maybe even fictional characters like Kattapa and Bahubali are more important than the National anthem.

6) For Cricket Matches

If there is something which unites the people after Cinema in this country then it is Cricket. From North to South and West to East everyone loves cricket and to witness a cricket match live at stadium people can go to any extent. They can stand in rain for hours and spend extra money to get a ticket but when inside the stadium the National anthem will be played then whether to stand up or not is optional.

7) Online cabs.

Since the dawn of online cabs people have forgotten how it was like to stand up and wait for buses. But even for Online cabs one need to wait because they don’t track your location every time and you are forced to call the driver and give him details about where you are waiting and even then they take their time to reach but people are OK with it. The only thing they are not OK with is to stay stand up for those all precious 52 seconds, I mean in 52 seconds you can cancel your booking and book cab from another service, why waste it for National anthem right?

8) Protests

We the people of India love protesting, don’t we? It’s our hobby to blame others for our faults and we don’t really want to hold the bull from horns rather we want others to do what we want to do. And for that we protest. Sometime the protests are needed and sometimes they are just a pain. Not too long ago we witnessed a very weird kind of protests called #NotInMyName. In the protest some people were claiming that a few certain crimes in the country are not happening on their name as if the others which were not on their agenda were happening on their name. So we are ready to stand in meaningless protests but standing up for long 52 seconds for the National anthem may cause paralysis, isn’t it?

9) For Jio Sim

On September of 5th 2016, the Ambani group launched their ambitious project Jio. A new 4G LTE telecom service offering unlimited data and voice calls. And within hours from the announcement long very long queues were seen in-front of Jio shops. Even the greatest of Anti-capitalists were seen in those queues, afterall who wanted to miss the golden opportunity to get free data? Imagine the amount of communist propaganda they spread since then using the free data provided by a capitalist.

Free data can help you in spreading propaganda during mornings and watching adult videos during nights. What help is of National anthem? So free data is indeed worth more than National Anthem.

10) At Wine Shops.

And at last of our list but certainly not the least is the evergreen queues at our Indian Wine shops popularly known as Theka. At the end of a tiring day the rich and the poor the upper class and the lower class and the middle class in between the both, all come down at this place known as Theka. After 9 at night it’s not a rare sight to see long queues outside of a wine shop, where people wait in full brotherhood spirit (not always) for hours to get their hands on their favorite drink. After-all a bottle of Beer is surely more than the National anthem.

Well these can be the views of the so called liberals of the country but we know that there are thousands of Nationalist citizens of this country who can sacrifice all the above listed things for those 52 proud seconds of the National anthem of India. We would like to conclude this article with what is most dear to us our National anthem.

Cover Picture is sourced from Times Of India*