What do you think about PM Modi’s allegation of Pakistan interfering in the Gujarat elections?

Source: Quora by Kshitij Mohan Singh 

Whether Pakistan is indeed interfering in the Gujarat elections may be rhetoric but the questions are genuine.

  1. When the national position of Indian government on Pakistan is that ‘talks and terror cannot go together’, why did the main opposition party hold talks with Pak delegates ?
  2. Why did the former PM, former Vice President and senior congress leaders meet delegates of Pakistan when the national position is contrary to it ? As the main opposition party, it simply cannot go against the national policy on security.
  3. Why was the meeting held SECRETLY?
    If there was nothing sinister, why did Congress try to hide it ? It accepted the meeting happened only after it was exposed completely.
  4. Rahul Gandhi had also SECRETLY met Chinese diplomats while the serious Doklam stand-off was going on. Rahul denied any such meeting took place, but he too was exposed and then had to admit. Why secretly meet with diplomats of countries with not-so-warm relationship, that too when atmosphere is bad? What was the intention?

Now also have a look at these incidents and think for yourself!

Incident 1:
This is senior Congress leader Manishankar Aiyar talking with Pakistani delegates in Pakistan. The video is from 2015, where he goes on record to say, “Aap unhe (Narendra Modi) ko hataiye, humein (Congress) le aaiye.” (You remove him (Narendra Modi) from power and bring us (Congress) back to power.)

What would be the motive of a senior Congress leader, who is educated from Cambridge and has served as diplomat to various countries asking Pakistanis to “remove” the democratically elected government of India ? In elections, it is the Indian people who vote. How can Pakistan help in removing an elected Indian Prime Minister ?


Incident 2
Soon after 26/11 attacks on Mumbai, Congress leaders were busy calling the attacks as “Hindu terror”. Digvijay Singh was even the chief guest of an event where the book ‘26/11 : RSS ki saazish’ was launched. At a time of national crisis, when everyone should have been cornering Pakistan, why were Congress leaders giving long rope to Pakistan and trying to dilute the case of Pakistani involvement by falsely laying the blame on Hindutva terror, something that did not exist at the first place ?

Incident 3:
Also, after 26/11 when Indian Air Force and our military were well prepared to conduct a surgical strikes on terror camps in PoK, why did UPA government block the surgical strikes? None other than the Chief of IAF Fali Major made this shocking claim. Despite the fact that air force tried to convince the government that there won’t be any after-effects and the IAF is well prepared, Sonia Gandhi blocked the surgical strikes. Why did she have so much soft corner for Pakistan?


Incident 4:
In 2016, Salam Khurshid, a senior Congress leader who was also the foreign minister in UPA2 government, said that Prime Minister Modi must not talk about Baluchistan and not discuss instability in Pakistan. After all the controversy that followed post Khurshid’s pro-Pakistan remark, Congress party distanced itself from his remarks. In 2015, Khurshid had profusely praised Nawaz Sharif, despite the fact that Pakistan was continuously promoting terror attacks in Kashmir and on security forces.

Still doesn’t raise any alarm ?