Thirumurugan Gandhi blatantly voices to ban Vinayaka Chaturthi in Tamil Nadu

Thirumurugan Gandhi, the leader of Tamil radical outfit May 17 movement, had voiced that Vinayak Chaturthi celebrations should be banned in Tamil Nadu as he claims that religion of Tamils is completely different from Hinduism. He has also linked the celebration of Vinayak Chaturthi with RSS.

He suggests that RSS and Hindu Munnani Katchi impose Vinayaka Chaturthi on Tamil people to create communal hatred between Hindus and Muslims of the state. He also went on to say that Vinayaka Chaturthi was made famous by Marwaadis and it has no relations with Tamil people. The full video of his speech can be seen here:

Thirumurugan Gandhi is known for his hatred speeches against Hindus with an intent of radicalization of the youngsters in the state. He had once said that there is no place for Bharat Matha in Tamil Nadu and he is also infamously known as he had voiced to drive Marwaadis out of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu twitter users reacted critically against him, after his blatant Anti-Hindu views on Vinayaka Chaturthi.

It should be remembered that such comments came from him when he is under police arrest on Goondas Act. He spoke to the press when he was being transferred from court to Jail. He is under arrest for various sedition cases for his hatred speeches. His involvement in organising Anti-Sterilite protests by spreading false propaganda was one of the primary reasons for the arrest, but he was given bail by the court for this case.

At this time, it should be known that there is a huge conspiracy happening in the state of Tamil Nadu to disconnect Hinduism from Tamil traditions and culture. Thirukkural, which is a Hindu texts was completely decoupled from Hinduism by Dravidian ideologues.

Conspiracies were also hatched to decouple Lord Muruga from Hinduism, we at Satyavijayi had exposed this conspiracy few months back, the article for the same be read here. Thirumurugan Gandhi’s reaction on Vinakaya Chaturthi can also be seen from this angle as he propagates a fake agenda that Lord Ganesha has no relation with Hinduism.