This hidden agenda of Tamil Nadu Churches

When one looks at the violence fought in the name of religion, Islam is always being targeted for the recent media propaganda. An ignorant layman would also accuse Hindus of inciting communal tensions as well, but seldom does one talk about the century long violence incited by the Christians. The brand recall for Christians has always been: kind, secular, peace loving people. But when one looks at the wars fought in the name of Christianity, the radical aspect of the religion becomes visible.

The Inquisition was a group of Institutions which was used to combat non-believers, or anyone who opposed the Church. Many were killed when they went against the Church or became disbeliever. The Goa Inquisition is least talked about, wherein Francis Xavier, established an Inquisition in the city and ordered the Hindu temples to be abolished. Around 350 temples were abolished, and people ran away from the city with their idols.

With change in times, the way of aggression has also changed from direct to covertly subtle. No more do you see radical Christians run around with a sword and get people converted. The radicals no longer use violence, it’s always the sophisticated way of selling their religion to you. When anyone from the organized religions are more than 30% in a particular region, they have enough power to call shots in their constituency in democracy. Let’s take the example of Tamil Nadu, the three districts of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, and Kanyakumari has around 1.5+ Million (according to 2011 census) Christians, where the Church has a major influence on the day to day activities of the people. These are the three places where the maximum number of protests have happened over the past two decades in Tamil Nadu.

Kundakulam, Tirunelveli district :Nuclear Power Plant Protest.

The nuclear power project was India’s golden ticket to the league of Super powers. The earlier we developed the plant, the quicker we get there. The plant was built in partnership with Russia, thereby provoking the Americans. The former Prime Minister DrManmohan Singh had made a public statement saying that US Non-government bodies were behind the protests happening against the power plant. The then Union Minister V. Narayanasamy alleged that Bishop of Tuticorin RC Diocese Rt. Rev. YvonAmbroise had received over Rs 54 crores and was the main person instigating the protest.

Many other Christian organistions, including People’s Education for Action and Liberation (PEAL) and Good Vision, were also under the Home Ministry scanner for alleged funding of the anti-nuclear protest movement. The then Union Home Secretary announced that the bank accounts of four NGOs had been frozen after it was found that they had been diverting funds received from overseas donors to the anti-nuclear protests sensing the Church’s role in the protest.

Tuticorin : Sterlite Copper Protests.

Tuticorin having Christian population around 30%, where the Church has a great influence over the people’s daily life. The Sterlite Copper’s smelting plant has been in the middle of a major storm brewing up in Tamil Nadu. The Sterlite Copper plant currently produces copper to the tune of 4 Lakh Tonnes per annum, on expansion it will produce 8 LTPA. Most of India’s demands will be met through the expansion and the dependence on imports will come down. Copper is an important metal to the growth of a nation, right from electrification to the country’s defence mechanism. India is making giant strides under the leadership of PM NarendraModi, and these manufactured protests seem to be a roadblock in the Make in India movement thereby halting the country’s progress.

As per a report from Deccan Chronicle, police sources suggest that there seems to be a foreign hand behind the activists who are involved in these protests. “One Samarendra Das representing ‘Foil Vedanta Group’ of London had allegedly visited Thoothukudi recently for a ‘secret meeting’ with the anti-Sterlite leaders, where he reportedly promised help to keep alive the fire against the copper smelting plant.” As per these report, on can safely assume that the Sterlite Copper protests seem to look like nothing but yet another foreign funded protest, which would stop India from becoming a Super power.

The Churches in the Tuticorin district are being used as a place to brainwash and influence ignorant people to protest against the Sterlite Copper’s expansion plan.

In this video, the evangelist Bro. Mohan C Lazarus indulges in making statements without any proofs, about Sterlite Copper, calling it a poisonous factory. He calls it the most dangerous factory for Tuticorin and claims that a “Sabha” or Church has risen in Tuticorin to pray for the shutdown of the factory. He also says that there will be a mass protest on 24th March 2018, Saturday 4 PM at Rajajipark Tuticorn, where all the “Sabhas” or Churches of Catholic, Pentacoast, CSI will come together with their respective Heads and they will unite people against the company.

When scientific institutions like NEERI and NGT have visited, studied and certified the processes and had certified that the emissions were well within the limits prescribed by CPCB and TNPCB,such religious leaders seem to brainwash ignorant followers. They even seem to quash the reports given by such expert committees just to keep their flock of followers against the industries.

Such words from a person, who identifies himself as apolitical and religious, ring alarm bells. In the case of Kudankulam, the Christian voices which called for protests were RC Bishop of Tuticorin YvonAmbroise and SP Udaykumar, while in the case of Sterlite Copper it seems to Bro Mohan Lezarus along with other Church heads in the region.

The followers of a cult based religion like Christianity tend to take the Evangelist, Pastor, Preacher, or the Priest’s words as the word of God and never question them. These ignorant people are being brainwashed to protest against their own nation’s development. These Christian leaders with hidden personal agenda tend to use their following for their personal gains even if it meant sacrificing the nation’s benefits.

The Central Government should probe into the accounts of the influencers of the Sterlite Copper protest to find skeleton hidden under the surface. Such anti-national activities should be kept under check by the Central Government or it will become a hindrance for our country’s progress. Or else any random person becoming the Preacher of a Church armed with foreign funds would apply brakes to our country’s progress by protesting!

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