Three Devendra Kula Vallalars killed in a caste violence in Sivagangai

Three people belonging to Devendra Kula Vallalar community were killed by people belonging to a numerically dominant caste in Sivagangai district during last week. Many others were injured during this violence.  Two of the deceased, K. Arumugam and A. Shanmuganathan were dead immediately after they were attacked in the violence spot. V.Chandrashekar was admitted in the hospital after the attack and ultimately passed away after few days.

K Krishnaswamy, the leader of Puthiya Tamilagam tweeted few days back that,


Two people belonging to Devendra Kula Vallalar sangam, Arumugam and Shanmuganadhan were killed by a caste group belonging to Aavarankaadu village. 10 more people are injured. Property of all these people are looted.


Every year, when our people visit Paramakudi for the death anniversary of Immanuel Devendirar, we are stoned by that particular caste group belonging to the Aavarankaadu village.


As Devendra Kula Vallalars are numerically small in numbers, they are subjected to repression by the criminals from Aavarankaadu village along with some people from other villages.


Pazhayanoor police officials didn’t take strong action on criminals but instead tried to solve problems through mutual dialogue for peace. This is the reason for such attack on Devedra Kula Vallalars belonging to Kacchanatham village.


This violent attack happened during temple festival is similar to the attack that happened 40 years before in Sivagangai district June 28. Both the attacks happened in Sivagangai district during the same temple festival.

Such violent caste attacks exist in many interior parts of Tamil Nadu. What makes this attack more cruel is that few people are attacked by knives when they were sleeping in their home and some were attacked when they were having tea in the shop.

The most shocking thing is that Tamil Nadu politicians are completely silent on the issue even after a week of the violence. The reason for their silence is the numerically small percentage of Devendra Kula Vallalar in the district compared to the dominant caste group, who did the killings.

It also should be remembered that Devendra Kula Vallalars are part of the scheduled caste (SC) community, they have made a progressive demand to get them moved to other backward caste (OBC). We did a story earlier on their demand and it can be read here.