Times of ‘Ingenuinity’: After brutal expose TOI changes headline but keeps issue intact in article

After the Thailand media maintained its neutrality and showed immense maturity and sense of purpose by respecting the situation in the dramatic Thailand Cave Rescue operations, the Indian media known for its Anti Hindu campaign is in the news again.

Monkey balancing caption?

Times of India carried out an article on the alleged trafficking at Madrasas; however, the headline read: 11 year old boy’s rescue reveals ‘trafficking’ prevalent at Madrasas, Veda Pathshalas’.

Change the headline; but keep the report intact: Mere eye wash!

While the onus of the article including the heading had to be laid down on Madrasas, the reporter Ekatha Anna John mentioned Ved Patshalas to be involved in human trafficking. This baseless, haemorrhaged truth and a sinister attempt to defame Hindus was brought to light by the social media and netizens who criticized this ‘motivated’ write up of the author unnecessarily bringing out the Hindu Veda Patha Shalas – which teach culture, nationalism and true ethics unlike any other religious institution.

The report by TOI mentions the name of the Madrassa which was involved in the dastardly act but unfortunately fails to name the religion of the kids or the name of the teachers who were involved in this act.

Although the article quotes a source of Railway Childline and DCPU (district child protection unit), it fails to provide any specific information or names of any Veda Pathshala that were allegedly involved. Hence is it safe to assume that this is a perfect hit-job without any valid proof?

The brickbats to the article ensure Times of India change the headline; however, in the body of the article it still remained – showing their intent and resolve to target a specific religion.

Sneer and Smear Campaign exposed by Twitterati and Social media !

The Sneer and Smear campaign of the TOI was evident when it failed to carry an apology to that effect in the next day’s edition. The incident clearly shows the extent to which ‘vested interests’ influence the media; even when it is under circumspection by the social media users and twitterati who lose no opportunity to criticize and expose them badly.

Selective Amnesia to malign Hindus

The ‘selective amnesia’ to target Hindu community and divert the report when it actually had to nail the Madrasas for their wrong doings is no longer a secret. TOI had to beat a hasty retreat and change the headline but ensure they keep the Hindu bashing in the body of the article.

The strategy of the media to run with the Hare and hunt with the hounds stands badly exposed. The TOI or any other media before using such ill thought terminologies should clean the ‘Augean Stables’ if it thinks it has an iota of morality left in them. Such Malevolent lies will only show their hatred towards the religion and supporting the vested interests to unnecessarily implicate Hindus in such treacherous acts involving human trafficking.