Tiranga TV controversy: Kapil Sibal rubbishes all the allegations by Barkha Dutt, says she was terminated from the job on “disciplinary grounds”

Responding to the allegations meted out against them by Barkha Dutt and other employees of the Tiranga TV, the financer of the channel and senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal has denied all the charges. Speaking to the wire, Sibal and his wife Promila who also reportedly exercises a great amount of influence over the channel, have rubbished all the accusations by Barkha.

Rejecting the allegations, Kapil Sibal has reportedly said all commitments made by the channel were honoured. He claimed the channel has paid salaries to all employees for June and they have also been offered a month’s salary as compensation. Promila Sibal added that the two-year tenure claim made by Dutt was a “blatant lie”.

According to Promila, the contracts say that probationers can be removed with just three-days’ notice but even they are being offered a month’s salary to leave.

She went on to say that Dutt’s contract was for one year starting October 1, 2018. And since her contract was due to expire at the end of September 2019, she was not entitled to any compensation beyond that.

According to Kapil Sibal, Dutt’s services were terminated on “disciplinary grounds”. Her services were terminated on July 13 after she levelled allegations against the channel and she was not entitled to any compensation beyond that day.

Dutt, however, rejects the allegation, claiming that she was sacked for speaking out against the treatment of other staffers.