TM Krishna, give up your cosy multi-million dollar TTK inheritance before you talk about others privilege

I do not usually write in first person language. Even my rhetorical pieces tend to be in academic-like style with citations. This is perhaps the first time, and hopefully the last, that I will have to digress from that for reasons that should be self-evident herein.

Before talking about TM Krishna’s (TMK) personal inheritance, we should make it abundantly clear that a society’s civilizational, cultural and intellectual property (IP) is not his to misuse as per his whims or to pawn away as he wishes to gamble. He, as an artiste and a citizen, is licensed to use, enjoy and perform an art form bequeathed to the trusteeship of the present generation for the benefit of the future generations, from the past. The latter should make it abundantly clear that he, or anybody else, is not even a trustee of the property. So it is not the fruit of his personal labour nor his rightful inheritance to squander it away and destroy it from within like a traitor.


A few years ago, in India, when I happened to be in a brainwashing festival called the Hindu Lit Fest (2014, I guess) organised by the Hindu newspaper, endearingly called as the Mount Road Mao by its anti-fans (Ref. author Ma. Venkatesan). TMK was an invitee on a panel or a speaker. I had an opportunity to strike up a private conversation with him behind the stage, which perhaps lasted about 20 minutes. Here is a recap of the conversation as I recollect it, though roughly:

Me to TMK: You seem to be critical of Hinduism or Hindu civilization and its heritage. Don’t you think, even assuming the Hindus currently have grave problems that are of Hindus own causation, the Hindus are still better than the Christian White Europeans given the scale and kind of violence unleashed by the latter over a period of 2000 years?

TMK to me: What are your fears?

Me: I genuinely fear that the Hindus will face the fate of the Red Indians (native Americans) and such a genocide will occur in India soon. Hundreds of millions of natives were wiped out in the Americas alone, then there is Africa, even India (inquisition, engineered famines, etc.) and let us not forget the native Australians (Aboriginals) too, again in tens of millions if not hundreds.

TMK: The genocide of the native Americans and colonialism was in some distant period in history and it will not repeat itself now. The Christian White Europeans did such a thing because they had guns. Hindus did not have guns. If Hindus had the technology they would have done the same!

Me: No. Muslims committed many genocides without having a gun. So it was not a lack of technology. That is not the right reason. There is a problem with their philosophy, which is the dogmatic nature of their religions, and that is the reason. Even Hindu Chozha dynasty captured entire Southeast Asia, but they never committed any atrocities. Moreover, the Christian Church is still involved in genocides, for example, as recently as in the mid-1990s in Rwanda. So, you are wrong.

TMK: No, the Chozha invasion of Southeast Asia also killed people!

Me: How many? 1000s or millions?

TMK: One hundred and fifty people were killed. (Yes, dear reader this is exactly the number he came up with. I did not know whether to laugh or cry. I was so amused by this, his nonchalance and his willingness to engage without outwardly getting angry or upset, I still find it impossible to describe.)

Me: One hundred and fifty? You are comparing 150 deaths with millions and many races being wiped off in their entirety! (I am so inspired to type a line full of exclamatory marks here)

By this time, it had already been about 15–20 minutes that we have been chatting and both of us had to leave.

After this, I had an opportunity to bump into him a few times but he was, not so surprisingly, a little cold to distant with me and acted as if he only sort of remembered me. However, I gradually grew up to boycott him and even openly called for his and his cohorts to be boycotted by the rest of us as well.

My reason for boycotting TMK is based on my logical understanding of what Bharat Ratna Ambedkar’s actions would have been if he had been in my shoes. (1)


An ape is a person who likes to ape the West, irrespective of whether that something from the West is good for them or not. For example, they will not wash after the loo and will use paper instead; yet will eloquently (in Indian English) wax and wane about the environment as if toilet paper is not made from cutting the trees, animal rights exist only for dogs as if cows are not animals, etc.

Apes also coin phrases that are illogical analogies of the Western mumbo-jumbo, Brahaminical Patriarchy in the place of White Protestant Patriarchy as if it were the Brahmins who genocided the natives of North America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Their logic will be non-existent and against evidence, but their anger will burn you like acid.

Caption: Returns on TTK’s shares is a whopping 14,890% till date. Please imagine the wealth that TM Krishna would have inherited and what his personal worth will be now.

Almost all the apes are affluent with a huge or at least a significant inheritance. For example, our Chief Ape TMK is the grand nephew of TT Krishnamachari (TTK), an industrialist who minted money and left a huge inheritance. This is against the ethos of the Dharma stipulated for Brahmins, which is to live by begging or gifts (sanmanam) and also to give away in alms almost all that is so acquired. TTK was in Nehru’s cabinet and had to resign on corruption charges. TTK was the first minister in the Republic of India to resign for such an ignoble reason.

Now, the challenge to the Chief Ape: will he give up all his privileges of the cosy inheritances he must have acquired? If not what right does he have, especially as a financial and social elite, to talk about anybody else’s privilege?

Was Vysa who compiled all the four Vedas a Brahmin? No. Was Valmiki a Brahmin? No. Who were the Nayanmars (Shaivite saints) and Alwars (Vaishnavite saints)? Over 90 per cent of them were non-Brahmins and a large proportion of them was from the communities now being called Dalits, post-Christian-British nomenclature.

Above all, I have already written with scientific proof that numerically (demographic/pedigree collapse; it is supported by genetic evidence too) it is impossible to have castes-by-birth or even varnas-by-birth given the size of past populations. (2, 3) Just a couple of centuries ago the entire Indian population was a meagre few crores. With its practice of gotra exogamy, etc. (Ambedkar calls it hyper-exogamy) it is just impossible to have even four varnas based on birth. Varna was a merit-based classification of the Hindu Gurukul system graduates.

Of course, as genes play a role in one’s abilities (as science attests to now) there would have been a little preponderance, over and above random chance, for children to exhibit the same merits as their parent(s) and coincidentally fall into the same varna. Such coincidences do not thus support castes-/varnas-by-birth and such coincidental events cannot negate the arithmetical reality of demographic (pedigree) collapse and past population numbers that conclusively prove it is impossible to have any birth based endogamous social order till modern day population sizes were achieved during the Christian British rule.


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