TMC left RED-FACED after sharing FAKE Photo claiming to show BJP-Left bonhomie

TMC photoshop image 1

Trinamool Congress’s Derek O’Brien today called an urgent press conference. In the press conference, he showed an image to the media where BJP leader Rajnath Singh can be seen offering a ‘laddu’ to CPM (M) leader Prakash Karat. This was meant to show that BJP is working together with the left in the state of West Bengal in order to defeat TMC. There were a total of 6 photos presented by Derek O’Brien in the press conference aiming to show that the Left and Congress are working with the BJP.

“I would not like to comment much on this, but would want everyone to see these pictures and the alliance between CPM, BJP and the Congress, which has been hidden from the people,” said O’Brien, adding, “andar dosti, bahar kushti.”

TMC photoshop image 1

Photoshopped image

It seems, however, that, in an excitement to prove something that does not exist, O’Brien ended up embarrassing the Trinamool Congress. Hours after TMC showed the photos in the press conference, BJP showed the original picture to media and proved that the image shown by TMC is photoshopped.

Actual image

TMC’s Derek O’ Brien presenting the image at the press conference

“We have shown two videos. In one video, it is seen Rahul Gandhi is saying in Kerala that ‘Left is our opposition and our ideologies do not match’. But, today in Howrah, he has asked people to vote for the alliance,” O’Brien said, attacking Congress for supporting left in West Bengal and attacking it in Kerala.

After the fiasco of the photoshopped image, the Trinamool Congress issued a statement, “Two videos and 6 pictures were shown at our press conference. We removed one picture immediately when our research team learnt it was photoshopped.”

You can see the tweet above.

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